HUS 2315 St Petersburg College Health Services Administration Discussion

Question A)

1)At this point in your education, do you agree or disagree with DeMar?

At this point, I agree with Demar to the extent that behaviorism is not the only attribute that determines our actions. However, at the same time I am not saying that behaviorism isn’t heavily used to influence our decisions. Looking at the political unrest in our country currently can reveal a lot about how complex our decision making really is. News outlets heavily associate certain consequences (positive and negative) with certain political figures in order to to influence supporting behaviors in the population. However, if we as humans strictly base our behaviors off of behaviorism, how is our countries population so close to being equally divided down the middle in regards to republican and democratic parties? While behaviorism is clearly a major role in influencing decisions, I believe everyone has the ability to think and interpret things in their own independent way, it is just that some people chose to conform strictly to behaviorism.

2)What are your thoughts and reactions to this statement?…

“…the ethical consequences of behaviorism are great. Man is stripped of his responsibility, freedom, and dignity, and is reduced to a purely biological being, to be “shaped” by those who are able to use the tools of behaviorism effectively.”

My thoughts on this statement is that there are individuals and institutions in the world that want this statement to become true and are actively trying to “effectively use the tools of behaviorism” to shape the population in order to benefit themselves. This statement makes me think of Hitler and how he was able to shape a society to an extent that so many innocent people perished. It reminds me how important it is not to become complacent and to remember to evaluate the facts and think independently.

Question B)

1)At this point in your education, do you agree or disagree with DeMar?

At this point in my education I agree with DeMar. We use operant conditioning every day with our children. Praising them for good behavior and punishing them for bad behavior. Society has laws for citizens to follow in order for them to live freely and they have consequences for citizens that do not follow the rules, like jail for example. No matter a person religious belief, it is known that people can be bribed. We call people like that “JUDAS”. There is a saying that everyone has a price. There was a research that asked random people to shock a person as a consequence. The person who was asked to press the shock button would continue to shock the person even when they felt it was wrong simple because they felt an authority told them too. Her own feeling and emotions did not make her stop shocking the person.

2)What are your thoughts and reactions to this statement?…

My first thought about this statement was of our military. Every person who enlisted in the United States military has gone through having their individual personality wiped clean. As my brother would say ” We have to break them down first -in order to build the soldier we want”. Every military member has been striped of who they were and shaped into who they are today.

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