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I am looking for someone who can complete a series of assignments due each week.

The final paper and module 2 assignment have already been completed and i can attach those to work off of.

There would be a total of 2 assignments, one for module 3 and one for module 4 listed below

***The assignment that i need asap is module 3 Thesis and map****

For this piece of the Humanities Project, submit your topic choice along with your thesis and map as a single 1-2 page Word document.

Note that instead of a formal outline, focus on constructing a formatted map of your project. This map will be a guide of how your paper will flow.

I can submit the requirements for this weeks assignment as well.

Time Line




Introduction and Topic Selection: Read and research two people about whom you will be writing your paper. Submit a short paragraph detailing your two subjects, why you chose them, and similarities and/or differences between the two.


Thesis and Map are due Week 03.


Thesis Peer Review occurs in the Week 04 discussion forum.


Continue to research and start your paper. Your thesis statement should be clear and that you introduce your subjects in your introductory paragraph. There is nothing to turn in this week.


A rough draft of your final paper is due Week 06.


Revise and polish your paper. There is nothing related to your final project which is due these weeks, but be sure to continue writing and reaching out to classmates and your faculty member for guidance and ideas.


Final analysis is due



This paper should be written in traditional research paper format. You will choose two figures from the Humanities (one from the past and one figure from the present, or a completely different era from the other) and compare and contrast their achievements. Please plan to choose two figures of interest to you.

  1. Original research paper that is a minimum of 4-5 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 point, with a standard font. In general, pages consist of:

Title Page – Captivating title, your name, title of the course, date.

Body – 4-5 pages in length. Follow this rough map (outline):

    • Introduction – introduce subjects – (Remember you are comparing and contrasting two figures from different eras) Bring focus to your study through thesis statement.
    • First Point coming out of thesis statement
      • Support #1 from research
      • Support #2 from research
      • Personal observation
      • Etc.
    • Second Point coming out of thesis statement
      • Support #1 from research
      • Support #2 from research
      • Personal opinion
      • Etc.
    • Third Point (if needed) coming out of thesis statement
      • Support #1 from research
      • Support #2 from research
      • Personal opinion
      • Etc.
    • Conclusion – Reiterate (do not simply restate) your thesis. Remember to mention both subjects here and close with a striking point.

References Cited page – in APA format.

  • Follow APA format for the paper and for citing your sources. APA guidelines are available through the Online Library.
  • Proper mechanics (clear, concise, and complete sentences and paragraphs), proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Four to five sources for the paper from your research. Please use one or two sources as available from your college’s Online Library. For assistance on researching in the library, see the Resources tab. Internet resources should be from credible sources.
  • Use statements and ideas that are your own writing and blend these in with your research. If you want to use actual words from a source, put them in quotation marks followed by an in-text citation showing that particular source.

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