HUM 307 University of Nevada Diversity in the Workplace Paper & Sexism PPT

This assigment requires you to explore the evolution and impact of injustice by placing it into
your specific professional context. This will allow for a personal and holistic examination of the
main topics we discussed, while bringing into focus your role as an agent for change.

  1. 1) Pick one –ism
    One more time, the isms are:
    Faithism, Ableism, Ageism, Racism, Classism, Sexism, Heterosexism
  2. 2) Investigate the institutional (legal, social, political, economic) realities for members of
    the target group you chose in an area of work. Select a field you are currently working in
    or would like to work in after college. For example, if you plan on working in the music
    industry, you may want to investigate the realities for a target group in the media.
  3. 3) Next, juxtapose the status of Targets in the workplace with those of Non Targets. How
    are the institutional realities different? How do those differences benefit Non Targets of
    the –ism. Also, how does the institution perpetuate dominant ideology?
    This will require you to think critically about systemic barriers, whilst simultaneously
    explaining how the institutional realities serve to benefit Non Targets.
  4. 4) Finally, how will you be involved in the perpetuation or alleviation of this –ism when you
    enter the workplace? What is YOUR role in disseminating dominant ideology? What is
    YOUR praxis? Be specific.
    In writing this essay, the first thing to do is form a research question. For example, if I
    were writing this paper about heterosexism as someone in the field of education, my
    research question could look something like this:
    How does the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (Target) reality in the field of
    education differ from the heterosexual (Non Target) reality in education?
    After exploring the structural barriers for Targets, I would then investigate the
    institutional differences between Non Targets in education compared to their LGBT
    counterparts. This will then illuminate my role as an ally and my specific goals for social
    change and praxis.


8-10 pages; typed & double-spaced. No need for Abstract.

Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1” margins.

8 scholarly research sources.

APA format; you must cite throughout your paper AND in a reference page. Failure to cite will
result in an automatic F. Note: No annotated bibliography for this paper.

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