HST 103 Global History Questionnaire

For each Short Answer Essay question, you MUST cite the lecture and/or textbook (no more than a few sentences to a paragraph for each). Other sources cannot be used. If you do not cite either (or both) of them, you will get NO points for the question. Your final exam must be in Times New Roman 12-point fonts, double-spaced paragraphs. You must use the proper citation formatting and make sure that you proofread your exam. Please submit your exam to Isidore when you are finished.

Revolutions in the Atlantic World: 

1. Why did the Glorious Revolution work better than the English Civil War?

2. Why did Pre-Revolutionary France collapse before the 1789 Revolution? 

3. Why was the Napoleon Code Bonaparte’s his greatest achievement? 

4. Where and why did Napoleon fail?

Latin American Independence

5. How did Mexico gain its independence?

6. How did Haiti gain its independence? 


7. Why was the Congress of Vienna successful for 100 years?

8. Why did the Frankfurt Assembly fail? 


9. Why was the Spinning Jenny important?

10. Why did Adam Smith call capitalism a “moral economy for all?”

11. How did industry end slavery?


12. How did Bismarck take power? 

(Germany, continued)

13. Why was the Prussian General Staff important?

14. Why was Imperial Germany a “federated” Germany?


15. Belgium conquered the Congo in 1884. Why was this a problem for Europe?

16. What was “Empire’s Civilizing Mission?”

Japan, India, and China

17. Why did Emperor Meiji side with the Pro-Western Daimyo in the Boshin War?

18. What happened to the Samurai under the Meiji Government in Japan?

19. What was different about the British Raj, compared to the East India Company?

20. Why did the Qing Dynasty win the Taiping Rebellion? 

Bonus question:

(Choose one): 

A. If Dr. Bieber had a billion dollars, what would he buy?

B. What’s wrong with the new Star Wars movies (except Rogue One)?

C. Who is Batman’s greatest villain, and why?

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