HSA 4184 St Petersburg College Healthcare Professions Discussion

Question A)

With the vast majority of healthcare professions in the world today, there is a position for anyone who wants to pursue medicine and make a difference in the lives of patients. Compassion, trust and respect are only a fraction of the many traits Roseann Parlee possesses. As an MRI technologist in a fast-paced environment, she believes developing a close connection with her patients is equally important to building a strong relationship with her co-workers and management. Showing empathy should come naturally as it factors the notion that people are important to them. This is crucial for cultivating a professional environment that promotes trust as well as respect, and efficiency for overall happiness and fulfillment. Treat your patients as you would treat your family is a value Roseann lives by.

Roseann is originally from New York, after twenty years residing in the Big Apple, she decided Florida was a nice change. She began building her foundation in the medical field early on in high school while attending the medical technology program. Throughout the years of experience, she has utilized her knowledge and skills to help save lives as well as assisting in diagnosing patients. Roseann is passionate about teaching and has devoted several years as a clinical instructor in the Radiology program. Creating a foundation that instills integrity, skill, compassion and respect among other important values is what drives her to continue and feel rewarded in her career.

Question B)

Bobby Ward is the Accounts Payable Manager at Blueline Mechanical Inc. in Clearwater, Florida. With a career in financial services spanning more than 20 years across multiple industries, Mr. Ward specializes in the creation of value-added organizational outcomes through the implementation of best practices that promote and ensure optimal efficiencies in the processing and recording of transactions in accordance with company and regulatory policies (Dye, 2017).

Bobby is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate/Organizational Communications and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. He is currently enrolled at St. Petersburg College in Tarpon Springs, Florida, completing his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Health Services Administration. Bobby is pursuing his ultimate academic goal of obtaining a PhD. degree in Public Health where he will leverage his prior professional and educational experience in the service of spearheading low-cost access to organic food and holistic wellness care resources in historically oppressed communities.


Dye, C.F. (2017). Leadership in healthcare: Essential values and skills (3rd ed.).

Health Administration Press.

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