How to Make Cities Better with Hip Hop and Poetry by Adrian Horton Worksheet

Paragraph Outline

This is a new type of paragraph. It is a PROBLEM, SOLUTION, RESULT paragraph. Using one of the articles that we read on community service, homelessness, or mental health, we will write a paragraph about the problem, solution and result.

Use this guide to help you write your third paragraph using complete sentences.

Topic sentence including article name and author, the problem, solution and result.



Problem, Solution, Result chart- Mental Health Resources

What are the probelms? Add to this page by Friday 11:59 pm.

On this page we will work together to list the probelms, solutions and results discussed in the article. You can add to any box in this chart. Make sure that the problem, solution, and result all go togther. Make sure you add the section number where you found the quote in the article.

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Problem Quote Solution Quote Result Quote
Archie Green was depressed and had panic attacks. “At that point in my life, I was literally counting down the hours to where, if I wasnot alone by myself, recharging, I’m going to break down,” he recalled. “That’s when I knew something was wrong.” 10 He went to therapy. Crucially, he found an African-American male therapist who could relate to his experience. 16 He’s happier and he wants to help other people. “I’ve been going to therapy now for almost five years,” he said, “and all I want to do is save other people and be like: you can be healthy too. Please talk about this.” 27
Black men do not want to talk about mental health.
  1. A huge reason for that – and one of the main obstacles Green works to dismantle in his music and advocacy – is what he describes as “the longstanding misconception that black men specifically have to be strong, and can’t be vulnerable, can’t cry, can’t feel emotion. Emotion as a weakness – that’s a lie.” 6
Archie Green created Peel Dem Layers back to help people talk about mental illness. “I started getting this idea that maybe I should be doing more than music, maybe I should start telling my story,” he said. 18 People talked about mental health at the music festival. Artists talked about “how they dealt with suicidal thoughts, artists who talked about trauma that they faced as a kid, about ramped up anxiety,” said Green. “Really pouring out – that’s not something you typically get from a rap show.”
Archie needed a way to express his feelings. Now 34, Green said he experienced bouts of undiagnosed clinical depression growing up in Chagrin Falls, where he was one of the only black students. 8

Archie Green

wrote a song about depression.

Green also turned again to music. In April 2016, a story from Vice on rappers opening up about depression featured one of his songs, “Layers.” 18 The song became popular. the song struck a nerve and went viral, with 25,000 streams on Soundcloud within two weeks. 18
Mental health is stignatized.


Transition + Main point 1 sentence (what is the problem in the article?) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Quote from the chapter that shows the problem: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(pg#___)

Explanation why the quote proves this is a problem: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Transition + Your Idea: First of all, the main probelm presented in this article is lack of housing.

Quote: The reporter explains that, “For every 100 people in Cleveland, there are 25 apartments”. (section 26)

Explanation: Clearly, there are not enough places for people to live if there are only apartments for 1/4 of the population.

Transition + Main point 2 sentence- (What did the group do to try to solve the problem ?) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Quote from the chapter that shows one way they tried to solve the problem : ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(pg#___)

Explanation why the quote proves they tried to solve the problem: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Transition + Main point 3 sentence-( What was the result? Did they solve the problem?):



Quote from the chapter that shows what the result was: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(pg#___)

Explanation why the quote shows the result: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Concluding sentence: (restate your 3 main ideas)


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