[SOLVED] Home Documentary

Home Documentary- Extra Credit Assignment
The assignment is easy (just watch and comment on a 90-minute movie), but you must follow the instructions correctly to receive the extra credit. This is a worthwhile film to watch even if you are not seeking extra credit.
Watch the documentary film “Home” at (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GUeDISwZ3E). The official Home movie site is (www.homethemovie.org/en), but they will just direct you to YouTube to watch the movie. This 20th Century Fox release is narrated by Glenn Close and is a fascinating review of the many resource, ecology, climate, and population issues that threaten our planet. The movie also offers a few intriguing solutions to our problems.
The movie has beautiful photography and outstanding music. It really gives a person a lot to think about. Loaded with interesting facts and statistics, this film will certainly force you to reflect on your place as a human being on our beautiful blue-green jewel of a planet. Watch it with someone else to get an additional perspective.
Part 1: Write a one page paper addressing the issues below. In your summary, do not just tell me what the film was about (I can get that from any number of internet reviews). Instead tell me your own interpretations, reactions, and opinions of the film and how you think the film portrayed the breadth, depth, and sensitivity of life, resources, and human interactions upon our planet. Take notes while watching the film.
What was the main narrator’s message or primary issue/argument in the film?
How did you, personally, identify with the main narrator’s message? Did you agree or disagree, whether entirely or just partially? Support your answer or response.
Part 2: Write a list of at least 25 facts/statistics from the film. The facts should generally have numbers, percentages, ratios, etc. Do not worry, this film has hundreds of facts and statistics mentioned throughout the documentary. So just relax with a pen and paper and when a particularly interesting fact is mentioned, jot it down. If you capture just one fact or statistic every five or ten minutes or so you will have plenty. They will be something like this: “20% of the world’s population consumes 80% of its resources.” Grab 25 statistics like that.
Submit your one page response and 25 facts/statistics to Canvas. I hope you enjoy the movie.

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