HMSV 8700 CU Determining Readiness for the Professional Doctorate

Assignment Instructions


This assignment is a further development of the capstone project topic. The goal is for you to clearly articulate the topic that will be the focus of your study along with a rationale that supports the need for further investigation of this topic.

You will need to clearly and succinctly articulate what is known about the topic, what isn’t known, and what the consequences are for not studying this topic.

You will be asked to support your thinking with information from the literature.

This assignment is a draft. You will use the feedback you get from your instructor to complete the final version of Section 1 of the DHS DPP Form [DOCX] in Week 7.


  • Clearly state your planned site and the planned participants.
  • Use at least 10 sources to support the assertions and ideas presented in this assignment. Some of the references should be from journal sources and some should be more directly related to the planned site and local community in relation to the topic.
    • Include the references at the end of section 1.2.
  • Address Section 1.1 of the DPP: Capstone Topic. Use the required details described in section 1.1.
    • In paragraph format state the topic of the capstone project and include the other details requested for section 1.1.
      • Clearly state the objective of the capstone project (The objective of this project is …..).
      • Clearly state the significance of the topic to Human Services.
  • Address Section 1.2 of the DPP: The Research Problem.
    • Write a brief statement that fully describes the problem being addressed in the capstone project. The problem to be addressed should be explicitly stated, not implied. Existing literature and key findings should be summarized and used to support your rationale. Use at least 5 citations to support the assertions made in this section.
      • First Paragraph: Write a brief statement that fully describes the problem being addressed. This paragraph introduces the problem that is informing the research and warrants the need for this study. Begin this paragraph with the statement, “The problem is….”
      • Second Paragraph: Identify the need for the study (which is related directly to the problem presented in the first paragraph). It must clearly identify a gap in current practice, service, process, policy or programs. It must clearly identify the need for the research and the desired outcome.

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