Hialeah High School Malala’s Yousafzais Speech of the United Nations Discussion

Chapter One discussed the power of public speaking, the communication process, frames of reference, and ethnocentrism.

Below, you will find the video of Malala Yousafzai’s address to the UN assembly.

Please watch the video and write a paragraph about your thoughts on the speech. In your paragraph, be sure to answer and consider the following:Also you have to replay to one of your classmates.

Describe the communication process in the speech:

Who was the speaker? what was the situation? what channel was being used?

What was the message? Was there feedback? Was there interference?

Comment on frames of reference and ethnocentrism as explained the book. Does the speaker avoid ethnocentrism? If so, how? How does the speaker adapt her speech to the audience?

The parragrah below is the one that as to replay for the classmate

The speaker of this speech was Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani women’s education activist and youngest Nobel laureate. She speaks out after being shot by the Taliban on the left side of her head for attending to school. Malala began her speech by expressing gratitude to everyone and how their support helped her recover. In her speech, she expressed her desire to be exposed to the nature of education for young youth advocates, especially about the education of women and young children. Her speech was intended to make people aware that education should be provided to men and women. 

The channel being used was verbal and nonverbal communication, which is a form of communication which can be used to express feeling or emotions. She also used her hands to make gestures, body language to show her interest in the topic. She also used facial expressions to express her excitement and enthusiasm towards education. Malala used words like ‘we’ and ‘you’ to convey her excitement about education. In this speech, she used many techniques to get the attention of people.

Malala main message is to educate girls and boys. Everyone should be well-educated as a human right, regardless of obstacles. There was no interference, but the audience had feedback with a lot of applause and smiles in support of her message. The way Malala delivered her speech with a clear, firm voice, enthusiasm, and using gestures can also influence people, Malala Yousafzai appeals to logos by including factual information and logical arguments. She also uses pathos, she tries to convince her audience that women and children need education and should be treated equal. The use of ethos appeals to pathos because it is easy for the audience to understand what she is trying to say. This appeal is used when she says that girls are not given enough opportunities and that they should be educated.

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