pick one of these questions and answer at least 500 words and make to replay for others with 100 words minimum


Q1: THEME – Choose a themewhich came up as we studied this quarter and trace the theme through three (no more than four) works we have read. The theme can be anything that interests you (gender roles, the concept of truth, evil, loss of innocence, etc.). In your post, examine how the theme appears in each work and compare and contrast what you find. (For example: Do all works treat the theme the same way or differently? Then explain how, using quotes from the texts.)


Q2: LITERARY DEVICE – Identify a literary device used by three or more works we studied this quarter. Literary devices can be found here on the literary terminology list (not all items on the list are devices). Some examples include allusion, archetype, irony (& dramatic irony), metaphor, personification, and symbol. It might help to think about the “devices” being used by Keats in his poetry or by Dr. Lindholdt in his essays, since we talked about those directly in class. Choose one device to trace through three works that we’ve studied this quarter (only ONE of these may be Keats OR Dr. Lindholdt, preferably neither, since I just gave that example). Identify where the device is used in the text, provide the quote, explain how it is working, and then analyze it. What is it doing (or trying to do) for the text? Is it effective? Why or why not?

Q3: THE PURPOSE OF LITERATURE: THE HUMAN CONDITION? – Literature’s purpose is often cited by scholars to be to describe, illuminate, and/or reflect “the human condition.” What do you think is meant by this? Do you agree or disagree that this is the purpose of literature? What is “the human condition” and how is it present (or not present) in the works we studied this quarter? Choose three works we read this quarter, pulling quotes from them, to support your claims.


Materials : Books :

Keats peoty

Lord of the Rings


In Earshot of Water

Speculative Fiction >>>THE SWIMMER , A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

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