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  For this task, you will write a proposal in response to the attached “Request for Proposals (RFP)” from the Seamus Company. The company’s background information is included in the attached “Seamus Company Context.” The attached “RFP Questions from Vendors” will help to inform your proposal.Your proposal should demonstrate your research and your technology solution to the problem and show the organization you can meet its needs. Consider what the organization wants (e.g., low cost, high quality, efficiency) and how your proposed technology solution will meet the organization’s needs. The body of your proposal should clearly and specifically outline the solution and how it will work.REQUIREMENTS  Create a proposal for the Seamus Company by doing the following:A. Create a title page that includes each of the following elements:

  • project name that summarizes the nature of the solution
  • name of the proposer (individual or company)
  • signature block with a space for your signature and the date  

B. Create a table of contents.  C. Create an abstract that includes each of the following:

  • summary of the problem
  • recommendation of the solution
  • description of how the proposed solution benefits the customer
  • outcomes of the project
  • funding requirements
  • your expertise relevant to the solution you propose  

Note: Expertise described here could be real or hypothetical to fit the scenario. D. Create the body of your proposal by doing the following:1. Explain your proposed solution as it relates to the requirements in the attached “Request for Proposals (RFP).”2. Summarize three published works or case studies that inform the implementation of the proposed solution.3. Describe how the goals, supporting objectives, and deliverables of the proposed project will be accomplished.4. Provide a projected timeline with completion dates of the deliverables for your project.5. Provide a list of resources and their associated costs needed to implement the proposal.6. Explain how you will use an evaluation framework to measure the success and effectiveness of the project once it is completed.  E. Justify how the technology solution meets the business needs of the Seamus Company.  F. Create a letter of transmittal or cover letter that includes the following:

  • an introduction
  • a body that expands on the reasons for the proposal
  • a conclusion  

Note: Any supplemental material that would help the company or organization understand the details of the solution should be placed in an additional section titled “Appendix.” G. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.  H. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.  MUST USE TEMPLATE ATTACHED AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON TEMPLATE CLOSELY 

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