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III ?rnathxlmrn manna-04.913 A—Hol’l’ Homework: LP05 Homework Scamoof?pts i 1 4ot?[2cumplete]v FetimeAhmetouic I I 4111:18um Save H’o’l Score: 11.25%, 4.5 of 40 pts 6.2.6 i Given a normal distribution with p: 4? and a = 3. complete pane (a) through (:1). 55 Question Help i it! Click here to View page ‘i of the cumulative standardized normal distribution table. Click hereto View page 2 of the cumulative standardized normal distribution teble. a. What is the probability that X :5 42″?I301: :- 42) = D (Round to four dBII’I’I?i places as needed.) Enter your answer in the answer box and then click Check Answer. 3 ?gining – ‘ Clear All CheckAnswer H {

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