[SOLVED] Healthcare Management and Leadership

MGMT878 -2202C Healthcare Management and Leadership
Assignment Details
You will write a composition with an introductory and concluding paragraph. The body of the composition will address the following roles and activities associated with employment in your field and other options that you may identify as related to your field:
Doctor of Management- Healthcare Management and Leadership
I WANT TO TEACH IN MY FIELD AND BECOME A STR0NG LEADER, I want to be able to better handle stress and stressful situations in my field of study and job; I focus on personal development that has a significant impact on both your personal and professional success! I WANT TO BE A GREAT AND CONFIDENT LEADER THAT PEOPLE LOOK UP TO AND TRUST.
Internal practitioners: These are persons who specialize in their concentration’s function and work within an organization, typically employed as full-time employee.
Consultants: These are persons who practice their concentration skills from outside of an organizational structure.
Practicing with a specific niche: With experience, practitioners may find themselves exceptionally proficient in a specific aspect of their respective concentration and may choose to limit their practice to this area. Even as a specialist, the specific-niche practitioner must be a competent generalist as well, able to navigate the entire domain of the concentration.
Leader or manager within an organization in the context of your field: Their responsibilities and work are directly related to your concentration.
Researcher: Often, practitioners in the field do not undertake research or do not publish research in the field. There is a dramatic need for practitioners to document and publish their work (with appropriate human subject protection measures in place and administrative permissions secured).
Instructors: With many years of practice in their field under their belts representing a multitude of concentration-related experiences and the skills for transferring knowledge to others, the scholar-practitioners may seek roles in which they teach the theory and practice of their concentration to novice practitioners.
Make a correlation between these roles and your desired future in your field. Select a likely position that you will continue or pursue directly following graduation.

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