Health & Medical Electronic Health Record Go Activities

  • Complete two EHR Go activities relating to meaningful use, provider performance, and EHRs and Plan-Do-Check-Act (PCDA). Create a best practices checklist (2 pages) for data analysts to follow when analyzing EHR charts for accuracy and quality.A user’s degree of trust in CDS systems is critical. Developing a successful CDS system is complex. It relies on highly skilled experts and users. However, for users to reach a certain skill level, they have to be confident the system works as intended. For example, successful design of a CDS system requires providers to work with technical staff to identify the steps in assessing symptoms to reach a diagnosis. This type of design work translates into effective development and use of the CDS. The foundation underlying EHRs and supporting systems, such as clinical decision functions, is to use with meaning. In other words, these systems must have meaningful use. Providers are generally more accepting of the system if meaningful use exists.Integrating a CDS into an existing system to support clinical practice provides an opportunity for health care organizations to reduce treatment errors and to improve patient care, outcomes, and safety. A frequent approach to implementing CDS systems is to offer incentives to providers who use the system effectively. Likewise, CDS system implementations also focus on best practice uses in a particular setting. CDS systems also help to establish best practices to further support health care organizations’ goals of improving patient care, outcomes, and safety. For instance, using a CDS system may facilitate the practice of evidence-based medicine to improve health care quality.Many health care professionals believe that CDS systems offer significant benefits to the health care industry. Still, the ability to use these benefits is only beginning to evolve. Many organizations—particularly larger entities with significant resources—have implemented fragments of CDS systems. Few organizations rely on these systems to provide direct care without first providing information to an experienced provider. Most organizations have found that even these small steps are difficult and resource intensive. In spite of this, because of their potential value, many organizations are willing to spend considerable time trying to make these CDS systems work.In this final course assessment, you will continue your work as a data analyst. You have been assigned to a performance improvement team that has as one of its objectives to support best practices and guidelines for the use of CDS functions. Your specific task is to create a checklist that will help data analysts to consistently analyze EHR charts for accuracy and quality. You will use Core Objectives for Hospital Measures and a performance improvement model of your choice to create the checklist.Demonstration of Proficiency
    By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:

    • Competency 3: Apply common performance improvement models.
      • Establish the use of EHR-CDS functions as a best practice.
      • Apply a performance improvement tool to EHR accuracy and quality.
      • Determine best practices for EHR-CDS functions by applying a performance improvement tool to EHR-CDS functions.
    • Competency 4: Apply data extraction methodologies.
      • Retrieve data from a patient chart.
    • Competency 5: Evaluate data used for medical staff credentialing.
      • Use EHR and CDS functions to assess meaningful use and provider performance.
      • Describe the relationship between provider performance and patient outcomes.
    • Competency 6: Communicate effectively in a professional manner.
      • Create clear, well organized, professional documents that are generally free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
      • Follow APA style and formatting guidelines for citations and references.
    • Preparation
      Independent Research
      If you are less familiar with EHRs and CDS systems, you may wish to conduct additional independent research. The suggested resources provide a good starting point. You may also wish to consult the Health Care Administration Undergraduate Library Research Guide for research tips and help in identifying current, scholarly and/or authoritative sources.Instructions
      Your fourth assessment consists of two parts.Part 1: Complete these two EHR Go activities
    • For this first activity, you will create notes in an EHR. You will save and close your session and then download the progress report into a Word document.
      • EHR Go: Meaningful Use and Provider Performance.
      • Enter your answers for this activity, including the table, directly into a Word document. Also, copy and paste the progress report into the same Word document.
    • For this second activity, you will be working with the plan-do-check-act performance improvement model and the EHR.
      • EHR Go: EHR and PDCA.
      • Enter your answers for this activity into the Word document you’ve created.
    • You will create one document that contains your answers to the two activities. Remember to copy and paste the progress report for activity 1 into your document.

      Part 2: Create a 2-page checklist that establishes best practices for analyzing EHR charts for accuracy and quality
      In the second part of this assessment, you are continuing on in your data analyst role. The performance improvement team that you are on has as one of its objectives to support best practices and guidelines for the use of CDS functions. The team has assigned you a specific task—create a checklist that establishes best practices for data analysts to follow when analyzing EHR charts for accuracy and quality. The team has also asked you to:

    • Consider Core Objectives for Hospital Measures when preparing your checklist.
    • Apply the PDCA performance improvement model to the process of analyzing EHR charts for accuracy and quality and incorporate the findings into your checklist.
      • Note: The practice exercise for this assessment identifies best practices for the plan-do-study-act (PDSA) cycle. PDSA is a later iteration of the PDCA cycle. Many people use these models interchangeably. Feel free to apply either model to your EHR chart accuracy and quality process. You may also select another performance improvement model to apply to your process, but discuss your selection with your faculty member before doing so.

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