HCA 468 CSULB Risk Management Strategies: Covid-19 Essay

Final Paper: Each student will select and research a specific topic of interest that highlights a healthcare risk management/patient safety issue. Acting as in-house risk managers or external risk management consultants, you will provide recommendations to a health care organization regarding its risk management practices and patient safety operations. You will provide an overall assessment of the risks for the whole organization, identify and prioritize one specific risk (your chosen topic), explore potential solutions, and choose/implement best practices that work best for the organization.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop the ability/habit of critical thinking and reasoning. The final written report should not exceed 12 pages (double-spaced, 12 point font), not including the title page, executive summary/abstract, and references with strict adherence to APA 7th format. Infographics are encouraged in the report and so are techniques/methodologies covered in class. Refer to the written report paper outline and rubric for specifics. 

Written Report Outline

  1. Introduction and Executive Summary
  2. Background and Discussion
    1. Background of the problem
    2. Problem statement /Barriers/challenges
    3. Purpose of the project
    4. Stakeholders/People affected
  3. Discussion/Literature review
    1. Strategies/expected solutions/Pros and Cons of the Strategies/methodologies/techniques
    2. Choose Implement Best practices
  4. Conclusion/Position/Reflection and lessons learned
  5. References (Use the one in the proposal and an additional 9 at least)

Final Project Rubric


Maximum Points

Earned Points

Introduction/Executive Summary


Background and discussion


Discussion and Literature review


Conclusion and Reflection


References APA style




NOTE: This assignment requires you to do independent research; thus, you are expected to demonstrate what you learned from the textbook and lectures AND complete the report with strategic planning and independent thinking. The university provides both an online and onsite library service to help you with your research., you can utilize PubMed.

The written reports submitted will be scanned by Turnitin®, a plagiarism prevention service available on BeachBoard. Students submit their papers electronically, and Turnitin® compares the text of those papers to the text in millions of other documents on the Internet, in papers submitted by other students around the world, and in commercial databases of journal articles and periodicals. Whenever similarities between the text in a student’s paper and the text in an existing document are found, Turnitin® highlights those similarities, providing an annotated document showing both the student’s paper and the original source. The similarity index for your papers should be less than 33%; otherwise, the university policy on plagiarism will apply.

Make sure it is original and rephrase your articles and literature search as it will be run through Turnitin Plagiarism checker with a maximum of 33 to 34% similarity.

***Please note that a project outline/proposal has been completed for this paper already. Utilize this in order to write the paper with all the given requirements listed above.*** I will attach the project proposal below and will additionally attach the coursebook in order for you to make it applicable.

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