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1. How did African societies change as a result of increased contact with Europeans?

2. What enabled the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs?

3. How did the arrival of Europeans affect relations among Native Americans in and around the Hudson River Valley?

4.Compare the founding and development of society in Virginia and Massachusetts Bay.

5.Compare the development of Pennsylvania and New York with the New England colonies.

6.ow did Massachusetts evolve, both socially and economically during the seventeenth century?

7.Why did Chesapeake and Lower South colonists shift from indentured servants to slaves as their labor force?

8.how did the Great Awakening shape American society?

9. Why did the colonists react so strongly against British legislation concerning the colonies following the French and Indian War?

10. Discuss the various resistance tactics used by the Americans against the British from 1773 to 1775. Were they effective? Why or why not?

11.Describe the differing views among colonial leaders as to how to protest their grievances to Britain leading up to the Declaration of Independence.

12.What was the political philosophy of “republicanism”?

13.what role did religion play in America in the early nineteenth century?

14.Compare Thomas Jefferson’s views on African Americans with his views on Native Americans.

15.In what ways did Jefferson believe that agrarianism would promote democracy?

16.How did Andrew Jackson change the role of the presidency?

17.What was the impact of industrialization on women?

18.How did the Second Great Awakening transform American religious culture?

19.  How did slaves resist the demands of slaveholders?

20.Describe the political philosophy of the Republican Party.

21.What role did women play in the Civil War?

22.To what extent is it valid to claim that Reconstruction was a failure? To what extent was it a success?

23.How did the newly freed people try to take control of their fate during Reconstruction?

24.Describe the economic fate of newly freed people during and immediately following Reconstruction.

25.By 1877, why were there were no Republican governments left in the South?


I am using Making America, a history of the United States, by berkin,miller,cherny,gormly,egerton,and woestman



















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