Grossmont Cuyamaca Why Students Should Have Mental Days Discussion

Write a discussion about the following: don’t sunrise because we already know what’s it about. 


Hunter Lee

I enjoyed listening to Haileys reasons why a teens mental health is of an importance and should be recognized to be able to reach out and help one another during a mental breakdown or a crisis going on while at school. As I can relate to looking for someone who could help me or relate to me when I was struggling during middle school. And I’m sure everyone in school here can relate to a time when they got over stressed and broke down or had a crisis or something along those lines. While going through tough times like Hailey when she needed multiple days off to mentally recover, it is hard to look for guidance or just telling a friend what you are going through or feeling. Which is why I like Haileys idea of implementing a way to teach our students to deal with situations where you feel overwhelmed and over stressed and learning how to deal with other students who may be working through difficult times as well. It is not easy to tell how someone is feeling and when you are a kid, subject’s about breaking down over puressure are not what the average child thinks about for themselves or other’s so it is good to have students be aware of skill sets to be able to deal with real life situations that face them in the future.


Jeremiah Kubota

I’m conflicted about this mental health TED talk for several reasons. First, to me she is very relatable because we are around the same age and we both had diagnosed anxiety in high school. While schools are great at teaching subjects in my experience the staff doesn’t know much about mental health. And I do agree with her that as a society we need to focus much more on mental health for children with both diagnosed and undiagnosed disabilities. It’s tragic that kids would lose all hope and be in such despair as the commit suicide. Where I disagree with her is the law and how it’s executed. My understanding of the law from this talk is that the outcome of the days off would be very dependent on each individual situation including student struggle, home life, school environment, etc. For example, what if the parent doesn’t care and just signs the kid off a mental health day to take the family on a ski holiday. Also, with a large campus, how many times does a kid have to take a mental health day before someone notices. Plus, if a kid is struggling in school and is stressed out about falling behind, the last thing they need to do is skip a school day. I know any day I took off sick put me behind and stressed when I got back to class. Perhaps a better solution is to have more assessable and trained counselors to teach kids how deal with pressure and anxiety and identify an student in real crisis and refer them to professionals. Finally, I don’t think this sets a good example for children. It’s much harder to take a mental health day in the real world at a job. School needs to teach us how to prepare for stress filled lives and cope as an adult 

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