Grossmont College Winter Jones Case Study Questions

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The investigation into Darian WELLS revealed that he had not only trafficked Winter Jones, but likely dozens of other young girls. None of them, or their families, wanted to get involved with reporting the crimes for fear of the Eastside Gang. Detective Brown was able to locate several of the girls from the pictures she found during the search warrant of WELLS’ home, but none of them would cooperate. The WELLS case was closed with his sentencing to prison.

Winter’s father was devastated when he learned what WELLS and the Eastside gang put her through. Mr. Jones demanded that WELLS be held accountable for all the charges against him and given the maximum sentence allowed by law. He was extremely angry when he learned of the District Attorney’s Plea Deal. Even after their explanation of trying to spare Winter having to testify in court, and safety concerns for the family, Mr. Jones was not satisfied, but was left with little legal recourse. He felt that justice had failed them.


Review all of the sections in this module associated with the Winter JONES case. Answer the following questions USING COMPLETE SENTENCES.NUMBER YOUR ANSWERS!

  1. Do you believe that Winter Jones received justice for what happened to her? (Provide a detailed answer why or why not)
  2. Do you believe Detective Brown did a competent and effective investigation? (Provide a detailed answer why or why not)
  3. Would you have offered WELLS a plea deal if you were the prosecutor? (Knowing that Winter and others would have to testify and the trial would take months)? (Provide a detailed answer why or why not)
  4. Do you think that the District Attorney should be able to legally make plea deals with defendants WITHOUT contacting the victim and getting his/her input? (Provide a detailed answer why or why not)

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