Grossmont College Requesting to Withdraw from My Last Semester Letter Writing Task

I need an explanation letter to the financial office why I fail my classes for the semester of spring 2021 and fall 2020.

  1. Position freshmanDear Sir/Madam,RE: WITHDRAWAL REQUESTI am writing this letter to request a withdrawal from the classes that I took fall 2020 BA 323 and MIS 301 due to personal and financial hardships. The global pandemic in 2020 presented quite a challenging time for most individuals, and it is during this period, I lost my job, specifically in the fall. This led to plenty of financial difficulties, including rent, food, and personal expenses as I used my job to pay for all these. Above all, I used to pay for my school fees where losing the job made me late with payments until I had to borrow money from friends. On the personal hardship front, I live with my elderly mother, who is sick and needs help to care for her. Her situation worsened this semester, and I was responsible for cooking for her, staying up at night with her, taking her to doctor’s appointments, and doing grocery shopping. All this was happening amid having three online classes with plenty of homework. This took a heavy toll on me due to the high-stress levels, and minimal time to take care of my studies, losing focus on the activities of the fall semester of 2020. Usually, I am a hard worker, as is evident with my performance in the other semesters. I hope to graduate next spring, but my GPA has been adversely affected by these three courses. However, once given a chance, I can promise to do better and graduate on time. As such, I wish to continue with my classes and achieve exemplary results in the remaining course units to higher my GPA to graduate next year. I have my cousin who will help me take care of my mother to concentrate on my studies more.Thank you for your consideration in this matter.( this is all the situation , but I need to add something more )

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