Grossmont College Mission, Vision, and Value for a Homeless Shelter Project

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missing vision and value

mission needs to include “rapid response aim to provide immediate assistance to prevent homelessness get the money before you become homeless”

in value transfer money without losing other benefits from other shelters

This homeless shelter wants to rebrand their mission vision and value , their “unique value proposition in the ecosystem of homeless providers – we can provide assistance within a very short time frame – 24-72 hours “. Home and want to start sending money like how theirs stimulate checks now the government is giving , rather than the 4-6 weeks most services operate with. How can their new missions vision and value attract donors, volunteers and strategic partners

the key points of our mission: That we are providing immediate assistance and creating long-term impact. That we care about the people we serve and treat them with respect. That falling on hard times and/or being poor is not a crime. That neighbors helping each other through tough times create the healthiest and strongest communities. That housing is a human right and every person deserves to have a home.

They want to be known ” our organization is centered around warmth and care and trust, just like a healthy stable home is. “

This is their current purpose but they want to change it

“The most important first step for anyone experiencing homelessness is to find shelter. Friends of La Posada raises funds and awareness to provide temporary, transitional and transient housing to those in need in the Carlsbad/North County area. We work in partnership with social service agencies and other organizations and we help educate the public as to the needs for such housing and services.”

We start small and focus on what we CAN do. What we do is help at the most critical stage so that people are able to get on their feet as quickly as possible. For example, we provide new clothes for those going on a job interview or bus passes so people can get to and from their places of employment if they don’t have access to other transportation options.

We are one of many partners actively committed to serving our community and dedicated to the well-being of those who are struggling to put a posada, or shelter, over their heads.

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