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The contributions “R” programming software is making on the healthcare is staggering. It is mostly is important in performing statistical operations in the public sector yet in healthcare it was opening up many avenues. Hospitals had already begun using telemedicine in the early 2000, however in the rural areas many patients were unable to access EMR due to lack of internet access. 

The software known as R programming is an open source language,maintenance by a community of active users. This program function can be modified, none restricted, has robust visualization, and amazing web apps. In the software world “R” programming is like the answer to Christmas. This software seems to be able to solve many concerns it has great community support. Many healthcare facilities gravitate towards this source because of it’s ability to distribute computing which reduces execution time. In healthcare a reduction of time can mean saving a patients life. “Fast access to images is imperative for a holistic view of a patient’s imaging history for everyday clinical patient interaction. Images play a key role in treatment planning and communication with referring physicians”(Globe,2016). As patients travel over the U.S. and abroad it’s important that they rest assured when they’re ill that they are able to be treated in an efficient amount of time since their medical records can be accessed, and without duplicate tests. Many in the data science community state that “R” is the most comprehensive when it comes to biology and genetic analysis. Which so since this program is able to navigate unstructured and structured, along with platform benefits. “Mediware blood management services’ deep integration with Epic gives end users a single interface that optimizes back-end clerical and administrative tasks, accelerates the clinical workflow process, and uncovers significant efficiencies for providers. This integration also significantly streamlines the procurement process by allowing customers to complete the entire laboratory and blood bank systems purchase more quickly, more efficiently, and at a lower overall cost than when purchased separately. Notably, through Epic HL7 and HCLL, users can seamlessly transfer orders and results as well as process samples with a single Epic-generated barcode. Mediware software is integrated with Epic at more than 200 sites, helping customers realize meaningful cost and time savings”(Business Wire,2018). In comparison R programming can run anywhere yet the down fall that no one mentions is that, there’s no customer support available, the software can consume all of your available memory, and slow with large data set. The con of working in the healthcare industry with the “R” program, the quality is less than perfect with some packages. 

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North Memorial Health Care Leverages Vital’s Vitrea View (R) Software to Image-Enable it’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR). (2016, April 11). Globe New Wire. https://link.gale.comm/apps/docs/A44919656/ITOF?U=Canyonuniv&sid=ebsco&xid=84a8fe6


The greatest difficulty in creating database would be the ability of healthcare providers to share patient information to patient or other healthcare professionals. Cavanaugh, (2021) EHR interoperability is important for patient care, providers place different pieces of data in multiple places often disparate places and health IT departments waste countless hours searching for them resulting to inconsistent information across the network which is a huge problem. Overcoming organizational resistance to sharing data across healthcare industry, pushing data out of network will make it completely accessible to the right entities all the time. 


Cavanaugh, C., (2021, May 17). Top 5 challenges with Healthcare Interoperability (& How to solve them). Health Data Exchange. Retrieved September 11, 2021, from


R is a programming language and analytic tool designed to handle and interpret “large amounts of statistical data” (Filler, 2005, p. 1). 

R programming is helpful in the healthcare industry as this data processing power can help communities related to public health.  As discussed by (Filler, 2005), R programming would allow for “cross-reference of the immunization registry.”  The ability to pinpoint and isolate adverse side effects to a specific vaccine would make it easier to find solutions (p.1). 

The benefits of R are many.  R is open-source, easy to learn and use, and cheap; R does not have any associated costs aside from the labor needed to develop a design.  R works across most platforms which the healthcare industry would benefit from as we work towards interoperability.  R effectively associates with different databases, which means it works well with MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and the like (Intellipaat Blog, 2021). Challenges for R concern cybersecurity. Malicious code has been used to breach confidential information.  Securing data will always be a challenge for all things relating to cyberspace (Intellipaat Blog, 2021).


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