Grand Canyon University Individual Freedom and the Public Interest Worksheet

Read Chapter 3 of the text “Individual Freedom and the Public Interest” paying particular attention to the opening case-study and the concept of “Personal Liberty” and complete the following using the template.

  1. The candidate is to provide a case summary, in a paragraph of between 150 – 200 words, describing the problem or dilemma of the opening case on pages 30 and 31?
  2. The concept of Personal Liberty
    1. Describe the primary purpose of chapter 3 of the text and specifically as evidenced by what two questions posed by the author? (See paragraph 2, page 33)
    2. One of the critical distinctions, in this case, is the teacher’s public and private life. How does the author first suggest these terms, “public” and “private,” be defined? (Page 34; 4th paragraph.)
    3. One of the key concerns here is the effect the teacher’s dancing as a stripper on her performance as a teacher (Job performance mentioned in 2nd paragraph on page 34 and 3 times in 2nd paragraph, page 35). Discuss this matter as to the “scope of her job,” not in terms of her preparation and presentation during and in class, but as to her influence on students. Also, is it part of her job to be a “good” influence on her students? (The word “influence” is mentioned eight times in the section of the text CONCEPT: PERSONAL LIBERTY. Look there. pp 34 – 37)
    4. In paragraph 2 on page 34 and again on page 36, the author says, “. . . there are areas of a person’s life that should be held to be private even if they have an effect on the interests or welfare of others.” Explain this! (Privacy is mentioned in paragraphs 2 3,4, and 5, p. 34, and several mentions on pages 36 and 37.)
  3. Analysis, The Nature of Moral Judgments – p. 37. On page 37 the author indicates, “One set of ideas that is important to the discussion of many moral issues is the difference between what we shall call facts, moral principles, and preferences (values).”
    1. Explain and provide an example for the differences in these three terms; facts, moral principles, and preferences.
    2. Of the three terms facts, moral principles, and preferences, how would you rank them in order of importance in making decisions about ethical cases and why?
    3. Respond briefly (couple-three sentences each) to each of these “potentially relevant” issues or questions: These questions or prompts (3a – 3b) serve only to prompt the student’s thinking on this matter. There will be many varied responses to these questions/prompts. There will not be one particular correct answer for any of them.
      1. Is there anything wrong with Miss Loring’s working as a topless dancer? (If so or if not, explain.)
      2. Does her second profession as a topless dancer somehow make her unfit to teach? (If so, how and why?) (Expect many points of view here.)

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