Governors State University Imitation & Personality Aspect Paper

    Imagine an aspect of personality that you want to study.

  • What would you study and why?
  • Which types of assessments covered in this chapter might be useful in your study and why?
  • Which ones could possibly lead to errors in assessing the aspect?
  • The authors developed of charisma. What aspect of personality would you like to try to measure?
  • All entries (2 student reply posts) must be submitted
  • Must be engaged in an ongoing discussion in three threads (your own and two other student’s threads
  • Student 1 – I would want to study the Social Aspect of Personality. The Social aspect of personality is very important because it strongly shows it can be developed and changed.

    The MMPI would be very useful in my study. This self-report personality test would allow a person to answer question’s about themselves to assist with a diagnosis and predicting psychological problems. Considering that the MMPI has been revised since 1989. I think the MMPI can possibly lead errors and confusing it with NEO-PI. In general the self-report can easily be confused if not assessed correctly. Considering a lot of these correlate to a lot of social aspects. I would like to measeure Ethnic Bias.

  • Student 2- 1. I would like to study the Social aspect of one’s personality. I feel this aspect really stands out to me because a lot of different parts as far as genetics, mental health, and environment plays many roles in someone’s social personality. 2. The rating and judgement by others assessment I believe would work well in evaluating the social aspect of someone. Others close to use like our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, or even friends can explain our charters better than we can ourselves. Someone from the outside looking in that can evaluate us on a day to day basis can give great dependable reliable results. 3. The testing that may lead to errors I believe would be the interviewing approach. That the person has a Neuroticism personality aspect interviewing may not be the best approach. The person may shut down not wanting to let the psychologist in on important deep emotional trauma leading to social anxiety. Unless the psychologist has very creative ways to connect with a Neurotic personality interviewing maybe hard to test the social aspect. 4. I would like to try to measure the aspect of conscientious personality. This being shown in someone even as a child is very interesting that fact that the characteristics are organized and determined seeing similar traits in a child up into adult hood also studying the changes over the years from that person being a child into being an adult
  • 3 Find and watch a video (I always use Youtube) online relating to infant or toddler physical development. Remember, this should NOT be an academic-type video. Part of your score is finding developmental concepts in the every day. Therefore, you must find a non-instructional video (think funny clips). You should specifically find a video onimitation (as discussed in your text), gross or fine motor skills, or visual development. The video MUST relate to this age range! In ¾- 2 pages you need to:-Briefly: discuss the video and include the hyperlink-In depth: identify (make the concept bold), define, and explain the chosen milestone of physical development and its importance (cite your text in APA). APA is author last name(s), year of publication all in parentheticals with punctuation outside. For example: The cat ran up the hill (Sues, 2018).- You are also graded on grammar, etc. Proof-read your work! You should think of these UAs as mini papers.
    Aligns with LO 2 &3:1. identify the stages of prenatal development.2. describe significant physical developmental milestones for infants and toddlers.3. recognize the implications of atypical physical development for infants and toddlers.

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