GMU Architecture Questions

Note: I will send you the slides that you should find the answers in, your answers have to be clear and you should write them correctly and fully, otherwise when I review them at the end and find any confusion or incorrect answer I will request a refund so you do not want to waste your time, please make sure that you answer all the questions correctly.

Answer the following questions: ” Put each answer next to its question in a word document”.

Early Americas

  • ● What is unique about the Andean Coastline? Why?
  • ● How did it influence agriculture, settlements, different communities (fishermenand peasants)
  • ● What are key crops in this region?
  • ● Which vegetable that is now grown all over the world was native to thisregion?
  • ● Where is Caral located (how far from Lima, Peru)? On the bank of whichriver?
  • ● Describe the urban organization of Caral.
  • ● What is the most significant architectural part of Caral? [Pyramid Major]
  • ● Briefly describe three architectural features of Caral.
  • Key Vocabulary/Concepts:
    Potato, Alpaca and Llamas, Pyramid Major, Caral, Andean geography
  • Old Kingdom Egypt
    • ● How did the Pharaoh present himself?
    • ● Which dynasty did the Old Kingdom Egypt begin with?
    • ● What are the names of the great pyramids of Giza, who built them, and whenwere they built?
    • ● What are the 4 components of the pyramid complex and what are theirfunctions?
    • ● Draw a section through the Great Pyramid of Cheops and identify all itscomponents with dimensions.
    • ● How did the design on the pyramids of Giza reflect Egyptian Pharaohs and theirlives?
      Key Vocabulary: Imhotep, Great Pyramids, Mummy, Sarcophagus, Sphinx.
    • The Aegean World
      • ● Who was Homer? What were his epic works?
      • ● What is Thalassocracy?
      • ● How did the Agean and Mediterranean Seas affect the Minoan andMycenaean civilizations?
      • ● How did the Aegean Sea shape the perception of Greek space?
      • ● What did Socrates say about the Greek people?
      • ● Where do we see the first example of a “flush toilet”?
      • ● What is a megaron?
      • ● What is the difference between a Mycenaean mask and an Egyptian mask?
      • ● Describe the Palace complex at Knossos.
    • New Kingdom Egypt
      • ● Who was Amun Re?
      • ● Who was Hatshepsut? What was her significance?
      • ● Draw the plan and section of the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.
      • ● What design features of the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut stand out?
      • ● What are the four spatial components of an Egyptian temple? Describe anddraw the Temple of Luxor.
      • ● What is the most sacred object in the sanctuary and why?
      • ● How did Rameses II represent himself? What temple did he build? Can you drawthe plan and section of this temple?
      • ● Why was Abu Simbel removed?
      • From Neo-Assyria and Babylon to Persepolis
      • ● What were the iron-based power centers around 800 BCE? Draw a tentative geographic map to show these centers.
      • ● Describe Persepolis
      • ● Compare these city complexes: Babylon and Persepolis. Draw diagrams.
      • ● What is the “hanging garden of Babylon”? Explain with a diagram and show itspossible location.
      • ● What were the ways iron enabled various civilizations? [better tools, etc.]
      • Classical Greece
        • ● Who was Solon and what did he do/propose?
        • ● Explain: mens sana in corpore sano.
        • ● What is the Acropolis?
        • ● What is Agora?
        • ● What are the main buildings on Acropolis?
        • ● What type of temple is the Parthenon?
        • ● Draw the plan of the Parthenon as accurately as possible.
        • ● What are the Orders?
        • ● What is the Doric Order and what are some main elements?
        • ● What are the “Elgin Marbles”? Where are they now?
        • ● What is the Golden Section or Ratio? Draw and explain with numbers/equation.
        • ● What is “optical illusion”? How was it fixed in the Parthenon?

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