GMC Evaluating Multiple POS That Will Fit Well with The Company Discussion

Introduction to light speed

Lightspeed has a relatively quick and simple set up. It would be a POS that could be setup by practically anybody. This system offers on boarding that is personalized for each individual company. It is commonly known as an easy-to-use interface. You might see this as very appealing it is not because it leaves room for hackers. A system that comes with a very easy to use system that offers a report of what is going on inside your company. Leaving you as the business owner with the idea of a complete business layout. Something like this would be important because it shows exactly how your company is progressing. This will also inform you if your company has been stagnant for some time. Secondly, a POS like this offer the ability to track employees and their hours that your company employed them for. Yes, this does include all in store hours. This will contain information pertaining to when exactly you receive the most sales. The company lightspeed offers that you will be able to receive payment quicker than ever before. They go on to describe it as if you receive your payment as fast as a lightspeed. Overtime this company does guarantee that you saved on your overall transaction fees and rates that you get on a monthly basis.

Introduction to clover

Clover also has their own machines that you can set up relatively easy inside your own business. This technology is digital and easy to use. It will help you manage your innovatory better due to the that everything your sale will be digitally recorded. Now this will give you a diagram of what items are selling better than others. In addition to this it would give you a blueprint of what customers are actually buying and what they are not buying. This is in fact what will give you a real business insight of how your company is doing a a whole. This is because it would be tracing the stores daily performance. Leaving you with a in depth repost of how your business is doing as a whole. This would give you the opportunity to track your profit, sales, customers, and employees. If you would like to expand your business this system is really good for growing companies. This would be a POS that is able to grow with you as a company. It would also give you the opportunity to start a rewards program for consumers that spend money with you frequently. Honestly this would be because you will have the opportunity to set up costumers’ profiles. On the other end this would be very beneficial for your company because it will leave the costumes with a personalized experience. Lastly, they offer 24/7 technical support. The goal is to keep the customer smiling and through this system it will give you that opportunity.

The pos System that I would recommend would be between light speed or clover. I would recommend clover over light speed because it is predominately used with in restaurants. It has a lot of features that would be very beneficial for your business. This processing company only takes about 2.3% of every sale plus ten cents. This would be less money than light speed even though you pay more money upfront to get the program. Over time this will save your company money if you decide to stick with this POS.

PS: I would like to take a minute to say thank you for choosing me as your consultant. I have honestly taken time to evaluate multiple POS that will fit well with your company. I sincerely hope that the POS I recommended for you would be a success with you and your company.

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