Georgia Aviation & Technical Sequential Process of Software Development Discussion

Software Development Life Cycle for Data in the Cloud Computing Environment

Each team member is a security software architect in a cloud service provider company, assigned to a project to provide the client with data integrity and confidentiality protections for data in transit that will be using applications in the cloud. Your client is an HR company that is moving HR applications and HR data into a community cloud, sharing tenancy with other clients. Your company has set up a software as a service, SAS, offering for its client base.

The data that the HR company will be pushing to and from the cloud will contain sensitive employee information, such as personally identifiable information, PII. You will have to address sensitive data and transit issues of the client data using the HR applications stored in the cloud, and provide a life cycle management report that includes solutions to the cloud computing architect of your company.

The team will decide on a team leader, who may divide sections to complete by small groups of team members. You decide to make an outline of the report, and to use the phases of the software development lifecycle, SDLC, as a basis for the report. The outline includes the following: examine the cloud computing environment and determine the protection techniques and how they will be applied to components within the cloud to ensure end-to-end protection of data in transit. Consider what security techniques and methods are applicable, and tailor the software development life cycle methodology for the cloud computing environment.

Select the best methods and techniques for protecting confidentiality and integrity of data in transit, and apply principles to the whole study approach. These are the software development life cycle phases to use as the report outline: initiating projects/defining scope, functional design, analysis and planning, system design specifications, software development, installation/implementation, tailoring, operation and maintenance, and disposal. Work in partnership teams to create the report.

CloseStart HereStep 1: Initiate the Project and Define Its Scope

Step 2: Begin Functional Analysis and Design—Use SQUARE for Requirements Information GatheringStep 

3: Learn Different Ways to Secure Data in the CloudSte

p 4: Provide Analysis and Planning for Evaluating Technologies

Step 5: Create System Design Specifications

Step 6: Explain the Software Development Plan

Step 7: Provide a Plan for Testing and Integration

Step 8: Adapt and Deploy Software as a Service

Step 9: Provide a Plan for Operations and Maintenance

Step 10: Create a Disposal Plan

Step 11: Final Report Review and Submission

Step 6: Explain the Software Development Plan

Now that the team has identified system specifications, provide an explanation of the software development need and the plan for software development, if any.

Identify different design and development considerations for the system.

Include this explanation in the final report.

Step 7: Provide a Plan for Testing and Integration

In the previous step, the team explained the software development plan. In this step, the team will develop a plan for testing and integration.

Include test plans for the various devices that will be used to access the system. The following should be included in the plan:

  1. Include testing for software functions as well as compatibility with other software that may exist on those devices.
  2. Include cloud data transactions as well as data transactions outside the cloud.
  3. Provide research and justification for applying data confidentiality and data integrity protections.
  4. Consider examples of technologies and/or techniques that can be used to protect the data in transit.
  5. Provide the expected results from implementing these technologies and/or techniques.

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