[SOLVED] Gender in Our Society.

Gender in Our Society This assignment requires that you watch a film or documentary that questions or pushes the boundaries regarding gender in our society. Students should choose from the list below.* Many are available free via Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO, but if not, I have linked it to the SDSU library website. Simply watch the film/documentary. After viewing the film, write a very brief description, then the majority of the paper should consist of a critical response utilizing material, theories, and concepts discussed in class and/or readings. Make sure to cite sources. The essay must be typed, in APA style, and be between two to three pages. You will be graded for your ability to engage the film based on course material and the quality of your writing.

Cover page: No

Reference page: Yes

Approved List:
Dramas (fiction and nonfiction)
Tomboy (2011)

Boys Don’t Cry

        Dramatic retelling of a true story

General Trans Issues
Trans (2012) (Amazon Prime, Kanopy)

Transhood (2020) (HBO, HBO Max)

Athletics (General)
Changing the Game (2020) (Hulu) 

Transgender Bodybuilding Documentaries
Transformer (2017) (Netflix)       

Man Made (2019)

Transgender Representation in the Media
The Trans List (2016) (Links to an external site.) (also HBO)

Disclosure (2020) (Netflix)

Transgender Activism
The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (2017) (Netflix)

Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria (2005)

Drag Culture
Paris is Burning (Links to an external site.) (fans of Pose will love this!)

Military Issues
Transmilitary (2018) (Links to an external site.)

            Explores the fight for transgender service people to remain in the military

Invisible War (2012) (Links to an external site.)

            Explosive documentary about sexual assault in US military

Feminist Issues
It’s a Girl (2012)

          The devaluation of women and female genocide in India and China

The Hunting Ground (2015) (Links to an external site.)

          Rape culture on college campuses

Intersex Documentarie
XXY (Tubi)

Intersexion: Finding a Place in a Two-Gender World (Amazon Prime)

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