GCCCD Woman Hold up Half of Heaven 1975 by Celia Rodríguez Analysis

Woman Hold up Half of Heaven” (1975) by Celia Rodríguez et. al.


you can do your own research but cite your sources please.

In terms of the content of your discussion, I am looking for three main points of discussion. This discussion will satisfy the History Department’s Student Learning Outcome (SLO) assessment requirements.   First, you will draft a thesis statement based on your observation of this mural.  A thesis statement is something you would prove in a paper; a statement that can be supported by the mural you have reviewed.  Your thesis statement should be about 5-6 sentences. In your thesis statement, address the following question: What was the artist’s objective in creating his/her mural and what does the mural reflect about the era in which this mural was created?

For the second point of discussion, name and describe one cause or consequence of an event associated with this mural.  In other words, what were some of the historical or political events of the era that contributed to the development of the mural, or what do you think was the political or cultural impact of the mural in Chicano Park, San Diego, the state of California, or for the overall Chicano Movement? About one good-sized paragraph, up to ? of a page, double-spaced, will be sufficient for your response. 

And finally, for your third point of discussion, describe one historical individual involved in the event depicted in the mural and explain his or her significance in this event.  In other words, why was this person significant?  And by a historical individual, you may discuss the artist instead of any historical personalities presented in his or her mural.  However, if there is a clear historical personality presented in the mural, I strongly encourage you to discuss that personality in your response.  Even if the historical personality is a mythical figure, such as a god or goddess, you can discuss that too.  

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