Solved: Gaining additional skill

Gaining additional skill
Provide an explanation (not just a quick definition) of each of the following key vocabulary terms associated with this Module. Gaining additional skill as a writer requires a basic knowledge of a number of concepts that are generally specific to the field of endeavor. For purposes of this course, an explanation of each term, including an example of its use, is required. Your submission needs to be written as if you are explaining or teaching these terms and concepts to a friend, not your Professor. I need to see enough material from you to allow for an assessment of your level of understanding.
I fully realize that for 99% of you these terms and their explanations seem very elementary. However, I also know that 99% of us make errors in our writing that are related to these concepts. We all should know better, but we all get careless or fall into bad habits. This is an attempt to build memory pathways and good communication habits.
The length of your response to each key term will obviously vary, but should generally be approximately 50 -75 words. Post this assignment by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday.
Primary Research
Secondary Research
Working Thesis
Working Bibliography
First Draft
Text Citation
Background Reading
Reference Librarian
Reaction Paper
Reaction Statement
Article Critique – Thesis
Article Critique – Methods
Article Critique – Evidence
Article Critique – Evaluation
Book Review – Enticement
Book Review – Elucidation
Annotated Bibliography
Annotated bibliography – Perspectives
Police Report – Who
Active Verb
Police Report – What
Pronoun agreement
Police Report – Where
Pronoun Proximity Principle
Police Report – When
Subject First
Police Report – Why
Passive Voice Verb

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