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Let’s take what we have read and apply it to a case study. In this case study, you will have to reach back into your minds to when you were younger and not running a household. Many of us have had roommates. Roommates often provide great scenarios in which to discuss conflict. This case study is based on the concepts we are learning in Chapter 1.

Read the following case study and the instructions that follow it.

“There are three of us women presently living together. I couldn’t afford the place on my own so I took in two others looking for a place to rent. The conflict is with an ex-roommate who lived with two of us last semester. She moved in with a friend for the free room and board. Sometimes she decides she doesn’t want to drive the 12 miles to her new home, so she stays the night with us. This went on just about every night last week. When here, she wore my clothes every day (without asking first), slept on our couch (which gave us no place to study), ate our food, and used our personal items like shampoo and makeup. I finally had enough when she walked by me after class wearing my brand new wool coat with the sleeves rolled up and said, ‘Hi! I’m wearing your coat!’ I don’t mind if people borrow my clothes, but I prefer that they ask first and that I get them back in the condition I lent them. Also, I’d like it if she would plan when she is spending the night so she could bring her own clothes, makeup, and food. As the saying goes, ‘I love her but I can’t afford to keep her!’ After a week of this, I finally had it with her and really blew up! I screamed and yelled at her, and she burst into tears, packed up, and left. It felt good letting off all that pent-up anger, but I somehow wish it hadn’t worked out this way.”

This is an adaption from the original version of the case study, which appears in Cahn, D., & Abigail, R.A. (2014), Managing conflict through communication (5th Edition), p. 26.

For this discussion, please engage in the following:

  1. Read the case study
  2. Jot down what concepts you read in Chapter 1 that might apply to this scenario
  3. Define what the concept(s) is that fits this case
  4. State what behaviors you see happening that substantiate why you chose the concepts you have identified
  5. Write a 250-300 word post where you put together #2 and #3; this post should be in narrative form
  6. Include references to the textbook in your post; use the APA style guide
  7. Make sure to proofread for grammar

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