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Action Research Proposal: Problem Statement


Due Date: Feb 28, 2015 23:59:59       Max Points: 100

Develop a statement of the problem to be studied.
  1. The problem should be relevant to an area of business or management that can be studied through critical reading and research.
  2. The problem statement should be specific and concise.
  3. You should support the significance of your problem statement with evidence from the review of literature and/or specific examples.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Writing Center. An abstract is not required.



Statement of the problem

Many researchers have carried out research on modalities of improving employer-employee relationship. It is still a challenge for managers of bridging a gap between an employer and employer and this affects the performance of the organization. Researchers have gone way too far in trying to create an optimal solution that business mangers should use to ensure that the relationship between the employer and the employees is enhance so as to increase their productivity in the organization. There are ranges of findings that have been put forward but it has not been exhaustive and thus many business managers still struggle to look for define solution to the problem. This study seeks to generate alternative and well-designed approaches of creating health employer-employee relationship that will help steer the success of the business in the local and global market. According to Meiners, R. E., Ringleb, A. H., & Edwards, F. L. (2008), many business managers lack incentives and approaches that are used to encourage quality and maximum productivity from the employees while at the same time-share ideas together. This study will also endeavor to establish some of the ways that makes employers less productive by discouraging them from willingly employing their skills towards the attainment of the goals and objectives of an organization.

This study is significant, as it will lead to the understanding of the role of good employer-employee in the success of business ventures. Reilly, P. A. (2001) stated that employees are the most important assets in an organization. It is therefore important that the managers of organizations ensure that employers are provided for. They should also ensure that they provide a good working environment for all the employers. It is the right of every employer to enjoy a good working environment and better remuneration.

Lauby, S. J. (2005), employer-employee relationship is built out of motivational incentives and thus business managers should be aggressive in creating the means that will motivate employees to work and increase the levels of their personal productivity. Employers should lead by example and not the act of giving instructions and waiting for results. By building teamwork together with their employees they will always understand what they need best in order to unleash they productivity   potentials. This study will employ all the possible modalities that employees should use in order to build a good employer-employee relationship that will impact business performance and growth. 



Meiners, R. E., Ringleb, A. H., & Edwards, F. L. (2008). The legal environment of business. Mason, OH: Southwestern Cengage Learning.

Lauby, S. J. (2005). Motivating employees. Alexandria, VA: ASTD Press.

Reilly, P. A. (2001). Flexibility at work: Balancing the interests of employer and employee. Aldershotd [u.a. Gower.

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Which is the Literature review can you do this? It not about the word its a continuation of the first paper.
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Action Research Proposal: Literature Review

Complete a review of literature for your action research project.
Your review of literature should include a summary of at least eight sources that can be used as references. At least five of the sources must be from peer-reviewed journals.
For each resource, you should also include an explanation of how it supports or relates to your action research project.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Writing Center. An abstract is not required.


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