Florida Southern College Personal Professional Communication Skills Discussion

The Reflection Essay

Because this is a skills-based course, it has a final essay. We’ve worked on a number of projects throughout the semester, and this assignment will give you an opportunity to step back and reflect on your journey as a student and writer. Specifically, I would like you to critically think back on where you succeeded, what you could have done better, and how you might continue to improve going forward. Your comments don’t need to be limited to the coursework itself. For example, you may also talk about a number of contextual circumstances that impacted your performance (e.g., if you fell behind during a portion of the semester, overcame a major hurdle in your life, began using Tutor.com and/or the Writing Center, didn’t put in enough effort at some point, etc.). You should start the paper by outlining your expectations, hopes, fears, etc. for the class at the start of the semester. End the paper by looking forward and considering where you’ll go from here as a student and writer. In particular, think about how you might apply the various skills that you’ve picked up in the class.

This should be a serious project, but also a fun assignment. It needs to have a coherent structure and use the major units from our semester as points of organization, with standalone subtitles, etc. To help on this front, I would like you to add a picture, GIF, or meme for each section. This image should help create a dominant impression for the section. In accordance with standard writing conventions, each image should have a brief caption and a link to the source image. Don’t stress too much about the image title. If the image doesn’t already have one, you can pretty much go with whatever strikes you in the moment. As a quick example, “Clip From the Film Elf” would be perfectly acceptable for the image at the top of this page. When you include the url, try to use a short url if that option is available (going to a meme’s source, for instance, will give you a much shorter url than if you try to link to a Google image search result).

I’ve pre-formatted placeholders all of the images in the following template, but if you lose the formatting for some reason or want to get creative, make sure that you integrate the image and caption in a way that doesn’t disrupt the flow of the text. To do this in Word, right click and choose to wrap the text around the image using the “square” format; once you’ve done this, right click and choose to add a caption. If a caption comes untethered from an image, just delete the caption, right click, and add a new one. This link has additional information about how to add images into a project in MLA format: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/m… (Links to an external site.)

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