Florida Relationship Between Hospital and Community Psychiatry Responses

Each of the two responses must be 150 – 250 words. Response posts must use at least one additional resource to support the post. Use APA 7 formatting to list the references used at the bottom of your post. Be sure to use citations to show where the content is applied within the post.

Compare and contrast the process described in the 2 post and the process used in your agency of choice. Which one is best in serving clients in your agency and why? Be specific and use an example in your discussion.

** Note: For this and all written assignments, you are expected to follow APA 7 style of writing. A quick place to find information about how to write in APA: owl.english.purdue.edu

Information about the agency of practicum.

Based in my opinion and client’s opinion the best process use in my agency is group therapy (PSR) because all the objectives and goals of the program.

Please use the brochure to find the PSR objectives.

The best example is to improve socialization and communication skills, both are crucial for elder people in order to be part of the community, have good relationship with family and friends and avoid loneliness and isolation.

When it comes to my field placement agency, the way our process evaluation works is pretty transparent and straightforward. The process starts with the intake assessments where the greatest amount of information is collected, this assessment ranges from demographic to medical and Psychiatry history. After the initial assessment, the client is diagnosed based on all the information obtained, and the treatment plan is developed to set the goals and objectives the client will be working on through group therapy for the next six months. During the implementation of the program itself, once a week, individual therapy is also implemented to further promote adherence to the treatment plan. Likewise, a treatment plan review is conducted after three months of service to decide if the plan continues as it was designed from the beginning, or make changes if needed. Lastly, the debriefings are always conducted at the end of the program to thoroughly evaluate whether the interventions had been effective, what difficulties the client experienced, and overall serves the purpose of knowing what parts of the processes need further improvement, for those reasons the clear understanding of how clients come into the program and have a constant supervision of the objectives of it , are crucial in determining whether the program is effective or not for our clients, and gives us the guidelines to evaluate or promote our purposes. I believe that these processes are working well as the data from these evaluations are regularly analyzed and discussed in order to make changes internally and when dealing with clients. Also, giving the client the opportunity of self-evaluation at the end of the program, promotes his/her confidence to implement the strategies learned during the session to overcome difficult situations of daily living.

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