FIU Endocrine System Question

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Directions: After reading chapter 17 “The Endocrine System” and watching the video on the endocrine system answer the following question(s) below: The minimum word count to the initial discussion board question(s) should be a total of 200 words and a minimum of two (2) pictures or more (excluding references and reinstatement of the discussion board questions). The pictures can be drawn comic scripts and attach /scan as a word or PDF doc., or jpeg.

Discussion #2 Activity:

1. Faster than a speeding hormone! More powerful than a pair of parathyroids! Able to reach distant target receptors in a single bound! Well, you get the picture. The endocrine system does some pretty amazing stuff. And here’s your chance to capture all of its dramatic flair in a comic strip.

-Using the course textbook and or Internet research the parts and functions of the endocrine system. Then choose the one part/function of the endocrine system that interests you most. It could be the pituitary, the pea-sized “master gland.” Or maybe it’s the hormone adrenaline that revs you up. Or maybe you’re positively pumped about the negative feedback system. Whatever you choose, make sure your cartoon uses words and images to tell a story and show what you known about that particular part or function of the endocrine system.

Your experiences may be very helpful and interesting to all of us. However, be sure that you also back up your posts with factual information from the text (when it applies to the initial discussion board question (s) and responses to peers) or other creditable sources. A minimum of one (1) reference is required to support your response to the discussion question. You may cite the course required textbook and or other sources from which you have used content. Make sure your references are in APA format.

“In other words: The cartoon/comic part is a creative way to see and show how the part of the Endocrine system of choice functions. Within your initial posting you can discuss the following:

-The endocrine system’s importance, function, etc.

-Choose the part of the endocrine system that interests you the most.

-Discuss the part of interest (Functions, etc.).

-Locate or create a comic strip (use a minimum of two (2) pictures or more/ and scripts) utilizing the part of your choice. The pictures can be drawn comic scripts and attach /scan as a word or PDF doc., or jpeg.

– Include a min. of one (1) reference in APA format.

Have Fun with this discussion and be creative!

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