FIT Dangers of Drinking Sugar Sweetened Drinks Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech Guidelines

Speaking Time: 5-7 Minutes
Visual Aid: Not Required
Supporting Material: At least SIX sources are required on the works cited page and must be cited verbally during the speech.
Preparation Outline and Works Cited Page: Preparation Outline and Works Cited page must be submitted to D2L Dropbox by the due date.
Note Cards or Speaking Outline: Up to six note cards OR a one-page speaking outline should be used during delivery. Do not use your preparation outline when you present.
Attire: Business or Business Casual 

Due dates for the topic proposal, rough draft preparation outline, final preparation outline, and self-evaluation are in the course schedule. 

1. The general purpose of this speech is to persuade. Persuasion is the process of creating, reinforcing, or changing people’s beliefs or actions. Read Chapters 16 and 17 if you have not done so already.

2. Topics should be significant and worthwhile for a college audience in an academic class. Topics should be initially phrased as a question [e.g., Should the US decrease aid to Israel? Should the lottery scholarship requirements be raised? Should the Tennessee state legislature repeal the law prohibiting texting while driving?]. Starting with this kind of question should help guide you through your initial research. Such phrasing will help you think about the issues and how to research. Then, you develop a specific purpose. 

3. For this speech, all students are required to present a Question of Policy speech. Please read the textbook material about this type of speech before choosing a topic. 

4. You will choose an organizational pattern for your speech. Questions of policy speeches can be organized by Problem-Solution, Problem-Cause-Solution, or Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. 

In developing a policy speech seeking immediate actions, the first step is to demonstrate a need for action. Tell us what harms exist or will be created if we fail to take action. (i.e. how many lives are in danger, how much money is being wasted, how many people are suffering needlessly? etc.) The second step is to provide a plan with specific action steps that should be taken. The third step is to demonstrate the practicality of how this plan will solve the problems.

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (MMS) is tailor-made for policy speeches that seek immediate action because it guides the advocate through a step-by-step logical and psychologically sound process of organizing a persuasive message.  The steps of the motivated sequence are as follows:

    Attention (Intro), Need, Satisfaction, Visualization, Action (Conclusion)

5. You should use the Persuasive Speech Preparation Worksheet (found in Content, Unit VIII) as you develop your speech. You do not have to submit this document for a grade, but completing this document is the best way to develop and prepare for this speech. 

6. A full sentence outline following the example format for this course is required. Upload to the D2Ldropbox.

7. A typed Works Cited page in MLA format must be turned in with the outline. You must have at least six sources. SOURCES MUST BE CITED WITHIN THE CONTENT OF THE SPEECH. Sources will be randomly checked for validity. Many websites have unknown credibility. You may not use websites for sources unless you can verify the Authorship, Sponsorship, and Recency (see Chapter 7 for more info). Wikipedia can be used as one source only, as long as the content is not flagged as still in development. Source types include: a) General references – encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, etc., b) newspapers, c) magazines, d) media news sources; e) professional journals, f) books, g) credible websites, h) government-authored documents, I) interviews of academics and practitioners in the field. You should use a variety of sources instead of six .com websites. 

8. GUIDELINES FOR NOTES: You may use up to six 4 x 6 or 5 x 8 note cards OR a one-page Speaking Outline of your speech. Points will be deducted if a significant amount of content is read directly from the note cards or Speaking Outline (See Chapter 11 for examples of Speaking Outlines and Preparation Outlines). You will not be allowed to use your Preparation Outline when you deliver your speech. You are expected to know the content of your speech and present extemporaneously using a conversational quality. 

Extemporaneous Speech-A carefully prepared and rehearsed speech that is presented from a brief set of notes (note cards or speaking outline).

Conversational Quality-Presenting a speech so it sounds spontaneous no matter how many times it has been rehearsed. 

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