TJ1.  A variable is a quantity whose value can change. Functions are used to describe the rules which define the ways in which change can occur. A function is a rule that operates on an input and produces an output.

Some other situations between two variables in everyday life that can be described as a function is:

  • The body mass index (BMI) which is often used to classify whether a person is overweight or not.
  • The growth of plants based on sunlight and rainfall
  • Speed based on distance traveled and time taken

Some other relations between two variables in everyday life cannot be described as a function is:

  • Telephone numbers being assigned to a person
  • The relationship between houses and the people who lives in them; the address will stay the same the number of people living in there may change.

CB2. Since a variable is something that can hold an amount that can change. Functions are used for rules.  With that in mind some situations in real life between two variables that can be described as a function are:

* I would say that one would be custom orders. Simply because you can order what you want or don’t want and it will be made to order.

* I would also say that another real life situation would be what you wear each day. Simply because you have the choice of what to wear and that can change every day.

Variables in life that cannot be described as a function are:

* Rental agencies. The place or car stays the same but the occupants change.

* Course Programs – The programs that are offered at a university stay the same, but the persons taking the prams change


SM3. Speaking function, it is only prudent to say that making an input and getting an output. That is, you put in a request and get an answer and not answers. In real world situation, it would be simple to set the following examples:

  • putting money in vending and make a selection of a bottle of soda, a bar of candy, etc.
  • turning the key in the ignition of you car, and the car starts
  • blowing as lit candle and the candle goes off
  • the MP/G on you car which states a gallon of gas for specific miles

On the other hand, there are some real life situations that may not be considered a function. Those life situations are the ones which expected results come in different variables. Let’s take for example the human reproduction process. A male may put in a single dose of sperm cell to mingle with the female egg cell, but the expected result could be more than just a single baby. Another example going to court, the legal process. Hiring a lawyer does not necessarily mean you would win the case. You may win or lose the case


CR4. Functions:

1. Diabetic’s insulin medication-same dose at the same time everyday.

2. Triaging a patient-the same technique is used for everypatient even though the patient’s and symptoms change.



1. I have a Clemson shirt for every day of the week. All are orange but one. Just because I wear a Clemson shirt every day of the week, they are, of course, not the same shirt.

2. Ordering a hamburger-You can order what is on the menu but you can also order it with or without some of the things you do or do not like, such as no onions, but heavy on the pickles.


RG5.  Functions

1. Determining how many miles per gallon of gas you can get by dividing the number of miles by the cost of gas.

2. Determining how much your paycheck will be by calculating rate of pay by number of hours worked.


1. Buying a car is not a function of the value of the car because you can buy the same car at different places for different amounts.

2. The relationship of the car to the people who have owned the car because one car can have many different owners or just one over the lifetime of the vehicle.


EM6. Examples of functions:

-Selecting power level of microwave resulting in a specific amount of watts

-Calculating a baseball players batting average


Not functions:

-Ordering ice cream from Marble Slab and deciding all the toppings

-Airlines (same planes but different pilots and passengers)


MR7. A second situation would be my husband base pay for the military.  It does not matter how many hours of week he puts in a single pay, the pay is always the same every 2 weeks.  If he works 72 hours straight or works 8-5 3 days in a row he will always be paid the same amount and the amount of taxes taken out will always remain the same.

Another example of a variable in everyday life that cannot be described as a function would be purchasing vacation packages/timeshares.  The buy in price is always the same, but the people purchasing them are all very different and with differing needs, family sizes, and interests.


TH8. The function of two variables is basically it takes something to produce something; input produces output. After doing some research I came up with some situations in everyday life where variables can be described as a function.


Wind chill is a function of temperature and wind speed

A weekly salary is the function of an hourly pay rate

A shadow is a function of it’s height and time of day(variables)


Now a situation where the variables do not describe a function would be and address and the number of people that are occupying the residence. It isn’t a function because if you leave to go to the store, the number changes.


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