Final RECH

Final Project: Developing a Qualitative Research Plan – HIV Among  African Teen

Please note: 

This is not meant to be a full research plan in that you will not be constructing data collection instruments or generating data to use. The final project is meant to develop understanding about the relationships between research questions, research design, and data organization and analysis. For this project, you will consider more the design and methodology of the qualitative research you propose.


Some, but not all, course assignments lead into the final project.



The Final Project should include the following:




E.  Qauitative  Research question(s)

for HIV Among  African Teen

a.    Central question(s)

b.    Subquestions (where applicable)

F.    Theoretical or conceptual framework

a.    Theoretical or conceptual basis and origin of, or source for, theory or describe concepts

b.    Where and how theory has been applied or concepts evidenced previously

c.     The major propositions or hypotheses of the theory, if used

d.    How the theory relates to the present study or state how the concepts are important to the present study and provide a lens for it; rationale for that theoretical expectation or conceptual lens 

G.   Nature of the study

a.    Design

                                               i.     Paradigm (qualitative)

                                             ii.     Design (select and apply one of the following: narrative, grounded theory, ethnography, case study, phenomenology)

                                            iii.     Rationale for the design, with explanations why other likely choices would be less effective

b.    Methodology

                                               i.     Participants

                                             ii.     Site

                                            iii.     Researcher’s role in data collection procedures

                                            iv.     Sampling

1.    Type of sampling

2.    How the sample will be drawn

3.    Sample size and why chosen in relation to population size

                                              v.     Data collection procedures (interviews focus groups, observations, etc.)

                                            vi.     Data analysis and interpretation plan: indicate what analytical tools and procedures will be applied to each set of data collected.

c.     Limitations

                                               i.     Potential design and/or methodological weaknesses of the study

                                             ii.     Explain how the weaknesses will be addressed

                                            iii.     Threats to quality and how they will be potentially addressed in the study

d.    Ethical Concerns

                                               i.     Describe your proposed procedure for providing informed consent and any ethical concerns with which you may need to deal.

H.   Significance of the study

a.    Practical contributions of the study

b.    For whom the study is important

c.     Implications for social change




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