Fast Train of Miami Management Communication & Negotiation Discussion

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Material 1: Communication/Negotiation

Here are some practical suggestions for improved communication. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Please find ONE example of an organization that had or has a communication problem and summarize the issue in 1-2 sentences.. Here’s an example of a major communication issue. GM had a problem with communicating information about the faulty ignition switches. A memo has been found that banned employees from using certain words such as “deathtrap” , “widow-maker”, “terrifying”, “evil”, and “dangerous” in their emails. 2018 Accdide

VW has been in the news as well. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. They lied about emissions, and now there are more problems. Make sure to reply at least 100 words or more

Material 2: Decision Making (Make sure to reply at least 100 words or more)

“When more of these symptoms are present, the likelihood is greater that group think has occurred, and therefore the probability is higher that any resulting decisions will be unsuccessful, possibility even catastrophic. “ –Irving Janis

1. Illusions of invulnerability: the group thinks it is invincible and can do no wrong
2. Belief in the inherent group morality: the unquestioned belief that the group is morally correct
3. Rationalization of group views: the group collectively discount or rationalizes warnings that might challenge the group’s notions
4. Stereotyping out out-groups: the views of the out-group are stereotyped as too evil, weak, or stupid
5. Self-censorship: members decide not to “roc the boat” so they keep their true feelings to themselves
6. Direct pressure on dissenters: pressure to conform placed on members who question the group, member is labeled as disloyal
7. Self-appointed “mind-guards”: a method used to shield/protect the group from contrary viewpoints, the mind-guard is a self-appointed group member
8. The shared illusion of unanimity: members falsely perceive that everyone agrees with everyone else; everyone might disagree, but everyone thinks that everyone else aggrees

Below is a classic example of groupthink: When the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster happened in 1986, the whole country went into mourning. I remember being in school and all normal activities stopped and everyone watched the news showing the disaster. Christa McAuliffe, the school teacher who had been selected to join the astronauts in space and all of the other astronauts died.

Find and share an example of groupthink from history or other interesting information on groupthink OR find and share an example from the news or from your personal experience of one of the 8 biases mentioned in your text (confirmation, overconfidence, availability, representativeness bias, anchoring, hindsight, framing, escalation of commitment). Please describe the bias or problem with groupthink in 1 to 3 sentences.

History Channel-Video (Links to an external site.)

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