Excelsior College Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System Essay

Essentially a white paper is a report or handbook that provides information about a complex issue. A white paper should justify why the problem must be solved, objectively explore alternative ways to solve the problem, and logically lead the reader to a conclusion that you have the knowledge, expertise and tools required to solve the problem. White papers are written using objective analysis and thorough, informative content. 

First, read the following:

Next, watch the following videos:

  • This video focuses on the way the public perceives mental health issues and the criminal justice system (8:24)
  • https://youtu.be/F1LIlKoxwjg
  • This video focuses on the perspective of people who have first hand experience dealing with mental health issues in the criminal justice system (16:19).
  • https://youtu.be/YC03fBmN1Uo

ASSIGNMENT Portfolium Indicator 

Your assignment is to create a 500-word white paper for the US embassy on dealing with the mentally ill in the criminal justice system in your contact’s country. Address the following concerns in your white paper:

  • How to divert people with mental illness toward the mental health system.
  • Provide prisoners with appropriate treatment and care.
  • Provide access to mental care in general hospitals.
  • Provide training to law enforcement.
  • Provide education to families upon release of prisoners. 

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