Excelsior College Mental Health and Human Trafficking Case Study

Human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, and it’s one of the fastest-growing illicit industries in the world. Each year, the United Nations marks World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, which falls on July 30 this year, to help raise awareness.

For this assignment, you will read a case study related to mental health and human trafficking and respond to the case study as directed.

First, read the following article: Mental health and human trafficking: Responding to survivors’ needs. (Links to an external site.)


Case studies are used to see how students can apply received knowledge in daily situations. On the one hand it is useful from a practicality standpoint, but on the other hand, coping with this complex assignment from a selection of various lenses is the objective here.

The following problem-oriented case is cause for you to take on the role of one of the following professionals and immerse yourself in the situation and examine it. Imagine you are one of the following:

Hospital Social Worker – A hospital social worker is responsible for the areas of care management and assists patients and families in understanding patient conditions and treatments. They help patients and family members develop coping strategies, assess patient needs, assist in the development of treatment plans, and provide emotional and mental assessments on the patient. Medical social workers also offer bereavement counseling, assist with patient discharge and handle the arrangement of in-home care services. Medical social workers may work in hospitals, hospices, long-term care facilities, nursing homes and assisted living centers.

Hospital Security Liaison – Establishes the patient’s eligibility for care. Communicates with the families of patients. Interacts with a variety of hospital staff from different departments. Assesses patients upon admission to the hospital or medical facility.

Hospital Court Liaison – Court liaisons work as a go-between for various agencies and individuals. They make sure law enforcement, attorneys, court officials, and other relevant parties are all on the same page. They may deliver documents between parties or provide needed communication to bridge a gap.

You are a hospital employee (Select 1 of 3 choices above) and are called to the emergency room where you find a young pregnant patient who was bleeding and visibly frightened. The patient, who only spoke Spanish, was accompanied by her brother, who translated for you as you asked pointed questions as to how she came to arrive at the hospital. The brother explains that she suffered from schizophrenia and had been refusing her medications for the last couple of weeks. He added that she has had a few episodes of aggressive behavior, directed at others and herself. While the patient’s brother was talking, you notice a few bruises and puncture marks and signs of trauma to the patient’s arm. The brother sees that you notice these marks and quickly explains that the patient is known to use injectable drugs.

You get an immediate uneasy feeling and begin to suspect that the patient’s brother might not be trustworthy, so you request a certified in-house clinical interpreter. Through the interpreter, the patient conveyed that she had not taken proper pre-natal care of her unborn child and further asserts that she does not have schizophrenia, although she admits feeling depressed sometimes due to her home environment. The patient’s tone became increasingly desperate and she explained, through the interpreter, that the man claiming to be her brother was holding her captive. She stated she was brought to the US by this stranger and, upon arrival, he confiscated her passport, forced her to have sex with him, and introduced her to drugs.

  • At this point, the man explained that his sister had long had delusions of persecution. He also disclosed that she had required temporary restraints the day before after threatening family members while she was high. He suggested that perhaps this episode had fueled the current delusion.


  • From the lens of your chosen profession, consider the following:

Background of the Case

  • Your evaluation of the Case

Proposed Solutions based on your chosen profession

How you would implement the proposed solutions

Once you have finished analyzing the case, post on the discussion board explaining your proposed solutions.

For your response, continue acting in the role that you focused on for your initial post and respond to someone who was in a different role. How would their proposed solutions impact someone in your role? Would you change your approach based on the proposed solutions of your peers?

To make it easy to see what role you are using, preface your initial post and responses by copying and pasting the badge that corresponds to your assumed role:

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