ETBU Good Community Policing Policy Cooperation of The Police & Citizens Discussion

A good explanation to these questions, provide text evidence from the pictures I have uploaded, and from other sources such as an article with direct quotes, and post the link. NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE.  

1.)  Is it good community policing policy to assign white officers to “white ” areas of San Antonio; brown officers to “brown” areas; black officers to “black” areas?  Explain.

2.)  Would this policy automatically result in greater understanding and cooperation between the police and citizens?  Explain.

the name of the book is called ,”essentials of criminal justice, author, larry j siegel, john L. worrall

11th edition. 

this is en example, What I mostly agree with is the Equal Justice Perspective because it gives fairness to all people that they should have the exact treatment under the law and should evaluate based on their actual behavior, not on what they have done in the past. It also expects the judges to be fair because they play an important role in criminal justice. System. They make decisions that profoundly affect peoples’ lives and their livelihoods. The Equal Justice Perspective plays a significant role in the American Justice system to dispense fairly and to be equal to those who come before the law, and people should receive equal treatment for equal crimes that they have committed. As it states in the book Essentials of Criminal Justice,” “there has been convicted of a particular crime receives equal punishment.” I have also read the article, “Judges Should Strive to Provide Equal Justice Under Law, “Since judicial bias significantly interferes with judges’ abilities to perform the duties our society expects of them, it seems obvious that they should do anything and everything possible to reduce their biases. It explains how judges play an important role in the justice system in our society to make equal decisions for all citizens.

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MLA- Article Title, “Judges Should Strive to Provide Equal Justice Under Law”, Website Title,” psychology today, date accessed June 07,2021.

2- The perspective I disagree with is Rehabilitation because the individual who committed a crime should receive punishment rather than going to rehab programs. They will have the best understanding and rethink what they did was wrongdoing. It would be a life lesson for them and society when someone tries to commit a crime. Some mistakes do not have a second chance. For instance, someone who rapes others and a serial killer because they might have a psychiatric illness which rehabilitation would not benefit them they do not have control of themselves, therefore, it is better to punish them with prison. As it states in the book Essentials of Criminal Justice, “violent killers such as James Holmes, seem mentally and emotionally unstable. I have read an article about psychiatrist crimes that explained why the suspect should be punished to prevent conditioned in public. “Although this outcome may be legally possible if the mental state of the patient has improved, potential danger and threats to public safety remain primary concerns, not releasing the patient from responsibility because of mental illness, even in situations when it might be appropriate.”

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MLA: Article title,” Mentally III persons who commit crimes: punishment or treatment? Website title, Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law” date published March 01, 2010, date accessed June 07, 2021. 

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