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Medieval commentators of the Bible made a distinction between “revealed commandments” and “rational commandments.”  This distinction was inspired by qurānic exegetes who divided the commandments in the Qurān into these two categories.  According to this division, “rational commandments” are commandments and laws that every society must adhere to in order to function well.  These commandments and rules need not be associated with faith and belief in a deity, they simply make sense.  Any person of a healthy state of mind knows them intuitively and abides by them.  The commandments “You shall not murder” (Ex 20:13), and “You shall not steal” are good representatives of this category.  In contrast, “revealed commandments” are rules and commandments that a person cannot know about unless told by a prophet.  The prophet on his/her part must learn about them by way of revelation.  “Revealed commandments” typically are the ones prescribing the cult. One such commandment is “Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy” (Ex 20:8).  Others prescribe purity rituals and sacrifice, among others.  

 Choose four laws from Deut 22 and determine whether each one of them belongs to the category of “rational commandments” or “revealed commandments.”  Explain your decision.

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