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In a 3-4 page paper, analyze in detail the rhetorical strategies of a news media argument of your choosing and evaluate how effectively that argument appeals to its intended audience. You can choose any “text” from the media that you want, but it must advance some kind of point of view and it should be of manageable scope (such as one article, one segment of a television show, one blog, etc.). Make sure you don’t pick a straight objective text (so you should be able to tell what the author’s point of view is on the issue). Your chosen text needs to be from the news media but can be from any news-related medium, as we will discuss during the first weeks of this unit. Your analysis should consider what the central argument is of the text you are choosing, how it makes its argument, and how persuasive you think that argument would be for its intended audience. Even though your focus should be specific, you should also discuss how the text you have chosen fits in with the larger medium in which it is presented (the newspaper it is published in, the website it is posted on, the television program it is a part of, etc.). How, in other words, is the argument being made in your chosen text influenced by the site of its publication or appearance and thus also its readership or viewership?



In the course of your analysis, you need to discuss the following rhetorical concepts as they relate to your text: purpose, occasion, kind, audience, context, structure, and appeals of pathos, ethos, and logos.


To this end, our readings during this unit on argument and on the media will inform this essay to a high degree, so I will be looking for your ability to apply the key concepts we will be learning. Keep in mind that your analysis is itself an argument, so you want to apply strong critical reasoning to your analysis, use plentiful evidence from your text to back up your points, and get your reader to care about the case you are making. I will ask you to attach a Works Cited page to your final draft so that I can access the text.

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