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Persuasive Research Paper

  1. General requirements: Write a
    Persuasive Research Paper in which you identify a problem and argue for
    or against it. This paper will demonstrate your ability to develop a
    coherent argument with necessary details and backing to support your
  • Avoid logical Fallacies while structuring your arguments, and review
    the Types of Arguments lecture. Your argument should be Forensic,
    Deliberative, or Epideictic. Each question of Stasis Theory will help
    you with the pre-writing when you are trying to understand your argument
    and construct it accordingly. Once you have been able to identify the
    problem/issue in connection to this topic, follow the deductive or
    inductive reasoning/logic to make sure that your argument is strong.
  • State the Claim/Thesis Statement with three supporting
    details at the end of your Introduction. You need to elaborate on each
    detail in your body paragraphs, constructing your thoughts coherently
    and logically. Use transition words for connecting your ideas smoothly.
    See the Outline here: Final research Toulmin Argument Outline.pdf

Include a clear Thesis Statement: For
example, Even though medical marijuana use is illegal, it should be
legalized because it can alleviate pain, cure glaucoma, and epilepsy.

  1. Sources: Incorporate the current
    discourse on the issue into your paper using the Toulmin argumentation
    style, and present your position clearly.
  • Since this is a Persuasive paper, you need to persuade your audience
    and convince them to take your side. They need to agree with you, but
    they also need to follow your call for action. Use your reflections from
    the Annotated Bibliography to choose the appropriate source for each

Here are the requirements for the sources:

  • TOTAL- at least 5 Credible Articles (See the CRAAP Worksheet for evaluating sources and refer to your Annotated Bibliography)

2- Academic Sources

2- Popular Sources

1 – Source stating the opposing view for the counterargument

3. Use Rhetorical Appeals:
Your paper needs to include at least five outside sources, which
support your argument and give authority to your writing. Establish
Ethos by referring to experts in the field or evidence to prove your
case. Also, include Pathos and Logos to create an effective argument
because this is a Persuasive Paper. You can also incorporate images to
support your points, if needed.

4. Modes of Development:
choosing an appropriate Mode of Development is essential for a clear
structure and organization of your thoughts. We learned about the
importance of clearly placing your thoughts into a cohesive
paragraph/essay, so use that knowledge to demonstrate your understanding
of this class material. If you need to use a different Mode in each
paragraph, you can do that as long as it helps you present your
information concisely. Go back and look at your proposal and your
outline to see if you have clearly identified the Modes you will be
using in your final essay.

5. Organization/Format: The
organization is one of the most significant aspects of your writing.
Your assumptions, examples, and conclusions need to be coherently
structured. The reader needs to be clear and informed about your
position and organizational style, which should be included in your
thesis statement (


6. Refute Paragraph: Note
that you have to have a Refute Paragraph before your conclusion. This
paragraph should start with the opposing view, an opinion that argues
against you, your side of the argument that negates the opposing view
you mentioned and a supporting details to strengthen your argument. See
the worksheet in the previous week’s materials and the quiz.

MLA: Your paper should be
formatted according to MLA style. See the quiz on MLA and the videos
that we used to practice. I upload a sample MLA paper along with the
handout here again. MLA Handout-Writing Center (Links to an external site.). Scroll down to see a sample paper that is MLA formatted. Use it as a guide while following the MLA style.

  • Your Paper should be PDF or WORD ONLY! Canvas won’t display any other format.

Sample Essay – Toulmin Argument

Here is a Toulmin Research Paper student sample.

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