Energy Source

Due date is at 8:30 in Wednesday 11/19/2014 and I want it on time, please. You have to read and understand before Agreement, please. You can read all my files and you will take maximum 2 hours. It is easy but you have to focus because it is your langauge.


I want for five pages and I will give you all files. I hope you will fix it. Can you use the qoutation mark from 6 to 9 inside my research, please? I send to you 10 Annotations (summery) I did + the notes from my instructor.
 I tell you I want one page and half of the (introduction) about Energy Source.
 In addition,  you have to put four claims in the (Analysis) and I explained 2 and I want you to put four claims. You can see one page I put first claim is about Vegetable Oil is healthy and second claim is Environment and third claim is WIC Program is helpful because it gives much information about healthy food and fourth claim is Balanced Diet. You have to put three part in first claim and first part you will not put the Quotation Mark, but second part in the first claim you have to put one Quotation Mark and third one you have to put one. You will do same in the second claim and third claim.
After that you will write about the (Proposal) and I give you some information about this. Moreover, my instructor want me to write about my audience and my benefit and who has a stake in this research. In addition, you can say I took some information from website of Butte College.
Can you tell me how long you will take, please? Can you tell me, please?  I can give you 24 hours.


I send you all works cited I used.
Do not forget my instructor saw all my works cited and I want to use same works cited. Can you tell me do you think vegetable oil is healthy or no? Fix that in my research please.

                                                 I used these Works Cited in my research 

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Put correct page because I think I put wrong page 226 of last work cited
Smith, Glen. Children’s Food: Marketing and Innovation. London: Blackie Academic & Professional, 1997. Print.
( I want you convert to MLA) or choose another work cited just for this part because I do not want APA.


Drewnowski, Adam, and Colin D. Rehm. “Energy Intakes of US Children and Adults by Food Purchase Location and by Specific Food Source.” Nutrition Journal 12 (2013): 59. ProQuest. Web. 29 Oct. 2014.


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I put all annotations (summary) from 1 to 10 You can look to use the quotation marks inside my research.
I know there are some wrong information and you can fix them and I want you work on all red and orange color. Change for some and put more, please.


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