EC Administrative Action Discussion

Please separate Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Part 1 – Speedy-Pro DEI Plan (Consulting Teams) – Please see attachment for background on Sppedy Pro

Vision: Speedy Pro, where inclusion and diversity are key components in our mission to attract and develop exceptional people to help our clients. By building an inclusive company we increase our ability to understand and operate in a multicultural environment. Our goal is to offer the most transparent, trusted, secure, and technologically advanced merchant payment solutions for every kind and size of business.

One of the Goals of speedy pro is Pay equity goals: Speedy-Pro will implement pay equity and equality for each employee performing similar duties within the company. Our CFO will be the deciding factor on implementation, as well as ensuring that there is equity amongst pay. This will be reviewed by the other chief officers of the company.

Please itemize and answer the question below on how SpeedyPRO can implement the abovementioned goal.

1. First, decide how you will begin. Where will your initial focus be? What comes after that initial focus? Describe your strategy.
2. Who owns the program?
3. Will the steps look different depending upon which protected group you are focusing on?


The Michael Slager case is an extreme example of misconduct that resulted in an officer being arrested and charged with a crime. More often, issues are handled within the department at the administrative level with the offender being officially reprimanded or perhaps terminated.

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For this assignment, focus on the gas leak scenario in M2.2. – Scenario attached is labeled “gas leak”

You are the captain that oversees PO Watson and have been tasked with investigating her actions during the suspected gas leak. As part of the investigation, you must identify the parties involved that should be interviewed to get all necessary information about the incident in order to write a report.

There are two parts to the assignment that will be written in a paper. First, you will identify key individuals and write interview questions for them. Then, you will write a report related to the incident.

Keep in mind that most police departments are quite small and the possibility of civil damages related to misconduct could cripple the department. Investigations and resulting actions are critical to maintain strict compliance with departmental policies and procedures.

Part A

In preparation for your investigation, you should include the following:

  • Identify the individuals that will be part of your investigation, state why they were identified, and give a brief description of what you expect to learn from them.
  • Write interview questions for each and why you have included those questions.
    • Create 5-7 interview questions for each individual related to the who, what, when, where, why, and perhaps how of the incident.

Part B

Assume that during your investigation, you determined that PO Watson acted inappropriately and that she violated Mr. Sanford’s constitutional rights. As a result, there is a need for PO Watson to be formally reprimanded.

Write a misconduct report based on the facts of the incident and what you learned in your interviews for PO Watson concerning her actions during the suspected gas leak. Focus on the following in your report:

  • The facts of the incident.
  • Ways in which she violated Mr. Sanford’s constitutional rights.
  • Your method to reprimand her.
  • A plan to avoid a similar event in the future.

In the quick links below you will find an example misconduct report.

Part 3 – Reflective Journal

Prompts related to the content of this module

Watch the following video of a recent traffic stop in Los Angeles County:

  • What are your initial thoughts about the video (or what were your initial thoughts if you have seen the video before)?
  • Do you think the situation was handled appropriately by the officer and the supervisor?
  • Find at least one instance in the video that could be a learning experience for either of the officers.
  • Are there any constitutional rights issues in the video?

Part B – General thoughts about the module

Below are some examples of the types of things you should include in your journal:

  • How did the assignments in the module benefit you?
  • Was there anything you struggled with in the module?
  • What did you learn in this module? (A brief summary would be appropriate)
  • Are there any course materials from this module (readings, videos, etc.) that you plan to retain for future reference?

While this is intended to be a free flow of your thoughts and ideas, please be professional and use APA style for any references.

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