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I started the research, what I have done is below, please follow the rubric to complete the research.


Research Plan:


Design a study involving your students that incorporates at least one of the techniques we’ve discussed. In 3-4 pages, provide a context and rationale for your study, describe your sampling design (how you would collect data), and discuss which statistical technique(s) you would use and why.

***********************what I have done so far************

Ask a Question: Do boys or girls have a larger growth spurt between the grades of two and six?


Observational Unit: The boys and girls

Variable: Heights at grades 2 and 6


Collect Appropriate Data: Since school is closed. I will be collecting data from students at our local Elementary and Middle School. The information is housed in the nurse’s office and is accessible through her. I will take the student information which is in alphabetical order and choose every third student until I gather heights for 20 girls and 20 boys. There are a total of 100 sixth graders in the school to choose from.


Analyze the Data: My data will be organized by grade and by gender. I will use a double line plot for boys and a separate double line plot for girls. I will find the mean of each plot to determine who had the larger growth spurt over those two grades.


Interpret the Results: My expectations are to find that at this level girls will have the larger growth spurt. I am basing this simply on past observations. Boys seem to have their growth spurt in Middle school. Possible biases may include convenience sampling since my data is only being taken from one school. I may also have a measurement bias since these student’s heights were taken by hand and then copied onto a medical card. This information was then put into the computer.


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