Does anyone know how to create an animated PowerPoint presentation?


I need a nice PowerPoint presentation with animations and charts.


Topic: Improving the Quality of Comprehensive Care for the OEF and OIF Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD





I will upload 4 papers that have the content needed for the presentation. Please add the notes section under each slide so I can know what to talk about. Utilize the most relevant information in the paper’s to get the proposed action plan.







Create a PowerPoint presentation about your action research project.


Design the presentation as if you were to deliver it to the constituencies in your organization. You will want to inform these constituents about the issue occurring within the organization and how your actions could help improve the organization. Additionally, suggest how they can collaborate with your effort. After watching or listening to your presentation, your audience should have a clear understanding of the project, the collaborators needed, and how they can participate.




Make your presentation interesting. It is your chance to engage your audience and deliver your message in a way that will make them want to support and be a part of your efforts. Carefully consider the pace, flow, and appearance of the presentation. Your verbal presentation should explain and enhance the visual message delivered by the slides. The best way to achieve this is to script your audio in advance; do not rely on your ability to wing it. Present visual information in clear and interesting ways. You can incorporate charts, graphics, et cetera, to make your presentation more professional and memorable.




Remember that this may be your only means of getting your message across and to get your proposal accepted! Below are tips for creating an effective presentation:




Introductory Slide


•The introductory slide should guide the presentation.


•Describe the purpose of the slide presentation.


•Outline the presentation.


•Use color and informative charts or graphs versus just words.


•Use charts versus bullet points.






•Use headings for each slide.


•Slides should be logically organized.


•Make sure font size is not too small.


•Make sure background of slides is not too distracting, and use a good color scheme.


•Do not put too much information on each slide.


•Information presented should be read directly from slides.






•The study should be clearly described; there should be no clear problems with the design.


•Be sure the research design matches the research question (or questions).


•The proposal should have scientific merit and be rigorous enough for an action research project.


•Include adequate literature review, along with introductory information and methods information.


•Make sure no information is added in the methods and outcomes section that is not discussed in the introduction.


•Make sure the data collection is detailed, and that it includes descriptive and analytical studies.


•Make sure the data collection and program evaluation align with the research question and design.






You should include at least 10–15 slides, and your presentation should be at least 15–20 minutes in length.














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