Dissertation Proposal

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1.Statement of the Project: Write a clear statement of the project and the basis for it being addressed.

2.Contribution to Society: Describe how your project will contribute to society.

3.Need for Change: Present the empirical basis and related evidence that there is a need for change (include the relevant literature from your annotated bibliography).

4.Theoretical Foundation: Describe the theory or theories, including assumptions, that serve as the backbone of your project (include references for theories cited).

5.Investigator Position (Action Researcher’s Role): Provide an explanation of your role as an action researcher (insider or outsider).

6.Research Questions and/or Goals and Objectives of Your Project: Provide a clear statement of the research questions to be answered or the specific project objectives to be achieved.

7.Action Plan (Action Research Methods): Apply the Look, Think, Act Model to explain how your project will be conducted (what are the steps you will follow in implementing this project?).

8.Dissemination Plan: Describe your plan for disseminating the results of your project.

9.Action Research Data-Collection Methods: Describe the methods you will use to collect the data. This includes questionnaires, formal interview protocols, and measurement tools established in the literature.

10.Assumptions: Identify the key assumptions of the proposed project.

11.Limitations: Evaluate the weaknesses of your project at this time.

12.Summary: Explain how your project meets the criteria (“hallmarks”) of a good action research project.



To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements. •Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.


•APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.

•Number of resources: Minimum of 30 resources

•Length of paper: 15 typed, double-spaced pages.

•Font and font size: Arial, 10 point.




This ia n Action Research project,I need a title that is not longer than 10 words.


Topic proposal below, the research proposal will focus on proposal below…Thanks

Leadership effectiveness encompasses all components of effectiveness, especially while addressing the issues of job satisfaction, quality of care; both for employees and customers, controlling employee burn out and also, helping in finding various solutions to psychological problems especially for employees and the customers (Young, 2009). Depending on the type of services provided, leadership effectiveness will be of help in all the mentioned fields. The topic ‘leadership effectiveness’ helps in the advancement of the knowledge in the field of scientific merit, especially due to the wide range of topics  that could be discussed under the topic. 


The topic effectively contributes to the theory, especially due to its requirement for the readers to further research on the details that come along with it. Therefore, the topic meets a good hallmark of research. In the case of job satisfaction, quality of care, control of employee burn out, as well as mental care, a good and effective leader can be able to cater for all these needs, and ensure success in the area in which he is responsible (Bohlander, 2012). The study of good leadership addresses some aspects that are not well known; for instance, the qualities to possess and the modes of leadership to employ. These findings could impact on my field of interest, which is leadership, as I will be able to have the knowledge on the strengths and weaknesses I possess which will help in my growth.


 My prediction of the impact of the results due to this study is that the need for participative leadership will be realized and embraced at my work place, thus greater employee motivation, satisfaction, quality of care in the work place.  This research adds to the theory, with the understanding of the aspects that need to be considered to be an effective leader. This study is therefore ethically sound and can answer all the questions sing the approved and proposed research design and methodology.




Young, A. (2009). Organizational Growth. London: John Willey and sons.


Bohlander, G. (2012). Managing Human Resources. London: Cengage Learning.

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