disscussion reply to the question asked from students minimum words count 75

1:Sequential, repetition and selection are used in our everyday problem solving. So much that we probably don’t realize how much it applies to our day lives. Take ordering food for example sequential comes into play with this scenario. First you look through all the items on the menu, next you would select the item of your liking and third you would order your item. Repetition would be washing laundry, no matter how much laundry you wash there will always be another load ready to go (at least in my house!) so you wash a load/dry a load and repeat this process. Selection could be as simple as picking what to wear every day or what time you chooses to go to bed or when to do your homework. I think in a digital world something that could make problem solving skills easier would be a learning system. Something that can see your repeated behaviors (I would love this for laundry) that’s something that you do all the time so this system would learn that once a wash cycle is done it needs to be put in the dryer and a new load needs to be washed. That would defiantly make my life a little easier!


2:the definition of control structure is a series of properly organized groups of statements. There is three control structures that we can incorporate into any pseudocode algorithm: sequential, loop, and decision.  I would say the hardest part of creating any algorithm is knowing if you’ve asked the proper questions to give you the correct outcome. Using an example of making a peanut butter sandwich, the following questions could be asked:

What Tools will you need to gather?

What edible items will you need?

How many of each item?

The sequential control structure comes into play when you have multiple choices to pick from (like picking your ingredients). Multiple choices like what kind of peanut butters, what  flavors of jelly, white or wheat bread, etc. 

The loop control structure happens at the end of the pseudocode algorithm .This is when the program will ask the user if they would like to repeat the process. If you say yes it will return to beginning of the program and start all over


3:Do you think that some of the control structures are interchangeable in your example? Could you use a loop to spread your peanut butter and jelly until the bread is covered? How would you handle users that may try to enter options that are not available? What control structures would you use to handle invalid input?

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